Top 5 Lightweight Gaming Laptops You Can Buy Right Now

  Gaming is becoming the new trend as the world is getting younger. Earlier, not many could distinguish the between an ordinary laptop and a gaming laptop. Gaming on smartphones seems to be some kind of a joke. People not having a proper gaming setup is not called a true gamer. Hence, you must have a strong setup like the latest gaming laptops available in the market. Additionally, slim and lightweight laptops are always weighted as their easy to carry from one place to another. Hence, we have listed down the best lightweight gaming laptops.

Best lightweight gaming laptops

1. MSI GS65  Stealth

This is the best lightweight gaming laptop on our list. The big brand name of MSI, in the world of gaming laptops, might already give you, hint, of the quality it packs in its products. It is powered by Intel i7 processor with Intel of RAM. Moreover, it has a GTX 1070 graphics card which enhances the gaming experience. Run all high-end games on this MSI Laptop, without any single frame drop issue. It is extremely light weighted compared to any other gaming laptop in this segment. The only downside of this gaming laptop is that it gets heated up fast.

2. Asus ROG Zephyrus

Powered by Intel Core i7 processor, Asus Zephyrus is another amazing lightweight gaming laptop. It has a GTX 1080 Graphics card which helps in gaming with high-end graphics. You can play all the latest and big games on this laptop without any issue. It is astonishingly powerful and doesn’t get heated up even after hours of gaming. The downside of this Asus laptop is its battery life. Most gaming laptops have fast draining the battery, however, the one in this drains even faster. Even after having a powerful set up inside the lightweight body, there is no annoying noise issue.

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3. MSI GT75 Titan

Another MSI laptop in power list of best lightweight gaming laptops. MSI Titan is probably a beast in the gaming laptop segment. It comes with an option of the i7 or i9 processor (8th Gen) coupled with up to 32 GB RAM. The MSI Titan is extremely powerful and one of the best gaming laptop with the highest possible specification. However, we have placed it in the third position because of its significantly large size and bit more weight. Additionally, Dell laptop is quite expensive and might not fit in the budget of normal people.

4. Razer Blade

A decent laptop with Intel Core i7 processor and 16 GB of Ram. Razer Blade’s sleek design makes it extremely lightweight and hence is easier to carry around. Maybe, you have a gaming competition at your school and you want to carry a laptop. In such cases only a lightweight laptop is favorable. Hence, Razer blade is a suitable option for all those who frequently carry around the gaming laptops. Other than this, it has a GTX 1070 graphics card to support high-end gaming. The laptop is a mixture of heavy performance and lightweight. The only downside is the noisy fan inside the system.

5. Dell XPS 15

Dell XPS 15 is a 2 in 1 device which serves the purpose of both a laptop and tablet. It is powered by the same Intel i7 processor with 8GB of Ram. Hence, all the gaming laptops are more or less the same in terms of CPU. Additionally, the extremely sleek design of this laptop makes it a perfect lightweight gaming laptop. Moreover, it has a different graphics card compared to all above-mentioned laptops. The gaming experience will be powerful and strong without any frame drop issues. The best part is that you get a complete 4K Ultra HD display with this laptop. Hence, enjoy all your games in Ultra HD and high graphics mode.

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