Upcoming TV Fantasy Series Which May Be The Next Game Of Thrones!

Upcoming TV Fantasy Series Which May Be The Next Game Of Thrones!

              Upcoming TV Fantasy Series: The TV is set already for the onslaught of the upcoming TV series which will be releasing this year. We can already witness the buzz around the Lord of the Rings with development in Amazon which is acquired for $250 million. The real worth of the series is more than $1 billion. The Gormenghast series was announced in the early April by the Free Mantel Media in North America. On the other side, Netflix’s new take is the Arthur Legend, Cursed.

It is quite strange to think but seriously Game of Thrones was a risky proposition when HBO started the series. Its prospects were like that and it has many fantastic elements that appeared quite later in the story. The fantasy was relegated to syndicated fare like Conan the Adventurer and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. Xena Warrior Process and the Shannara Chronicles and Shadowhunters

List of Fantasy Series Coming On TV & Streaming

1. Lord of the Rings

It is most likely to release in the year 2021. It is an epic tale which is of four Hobbits a Wizard, an Elf, two Men and a Dwarf who is attempting to destroy the Dark Lord Sauron master weapon without letting him discover their plan. The Lord of the Rings films is all Certified Fresh at 91%, 95%, and 93% respectively.

2. Game of Thrones Prequel

The release date is yet to be disclosed. The yarns of all the history or myth A Song Of Ice and Fire author George RR Martin is interested in telling that to us. While on the other hand, characters continue eating sweetmeats and planning the next Game of Thrones. It is basically based on the story he tells to the audience while the author has not yet finished The Winds of Winter. The fans of Game of Thrones constitutes most of the HBO subscribers.

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3. The Witcher

It released in 2018 somewhere between October and December. Andrzej Sapkowski’s Witcher novels and short stories which center on Geralt of Rivia, a Witcher who loiters in The Continent who hunts legendary monsters and also involves himself in geopolitical upsets. He ultimately adopts Ciri, the princess of Cintra with an ability to transverse space and time. He also trains her as a witcher.

4. His Dark Materials

The release date is not revealed yet. Philips Pullman’s Epic Trilogy -Northern Lights, The Subtle Knife, and The Amber Spyglass. It is centered on children who grow while journeying across the parallel words. They encounter here talking about the armored bears and of course your world. The fanbase who reads Harry Potter and wanted more.

5. Conan

The dates of release are not disclosed yet. The stories of Robert E. Howard has featured the Conan the Cimmerian who continued to roamed a fictional which is said to occur after the destruction of the Atlantis and it is also before the rise of civilization. It is an accomplished warrior in his teens, Conan became a pirate, thief, and mercenary before the throne of Aquilonia in his forties by strangling the man who was sitting in it at the time.

6. The Dark Tower

The releasing date is not yet revealed. Stephen King’s flagship fantasy series The Dark Tower. Across all the eight novels, a number of short stories and numerous connections with his writings. The series details the journey of gunslinger Roland and also his band of friends.

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7. Cursed

The upcoming novel of The Cape creator Tom Wheeler and it is illustrated by 300’s Frank Miller. It also includes the retelling of the legend Arthur through the eyes of Nimui who is the lady of the Lake. She journeys to deliver a sword to the wizard Merlin.

8. The KINGKILLER Chronicle

The Rothfuss’s is yet incomplete trilogy. It has begun with The Name of the Wind and it is also continued in The Wise Man’s Fear and the other work fear Rothfuss which is already set in the same reality.

9. The Ruin of Kings

It has not yet revealed the dates of its release. The first novel in the author Jenn Lyonns’ which is a Chorus of Dragon Series. Kihrin who is the young thief of that he might be the one who is belonging to the royal bloodline. He also can be the center of prophecy and states that he will put an end to the empire.

10. Shadow and Bone

The first two books in Leigh Bardugo’s Grisha trilogy. Set in Ravaka which is a fantasy version. It is mysterious darkness that settles on the Unsea and also breaks the country into the two. Monsters have to emerge the ravage the land. The fanbase is quite devoted towards the series.

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