Top 6 Ways To Increase Organic Instagram Followers!

Top 6 Ways To Increase Organic Instagram Followers!

          Instagram is one of the most famous social media platforms currently. Earlier, it used to be a simple platform where people sad pictures and videos. However, bedtime Instagram has evolved as a serious platform for networking, branding, and development. With more than 200 million active users, Instagram has become the most active social media platform for building relations with brands and other corporate houses. You might have heard the term social influencers. They are simple people like you, however, they have a good number of followers. So do you want to increase your followers on Instagram as well? We have listed some ways, using which you can increase your Instagram followers in real time.

6 Ways To Increase Organic Instagram Followers

1. Use Hashtags

You might have often come across a number of hashtags which are used by most people using Instagram. These are not just expressions but a medium using which you can reach out even those people who do not follow you. Moreover, the idea is to use effective and those hashtags which are related to your posts and content. Don’t just put random hashtags on your post. These hashtags will help you to get inside the Instagram algorithm and display your post to anyone who searches for that keyword on Instagram. Therefore, your profile suddenly starts getting more and more reach. This is a very effective way of reaching out to more people and increasing organic followers subsequently.

2. Participate in Popular Conversations

Participating in popular conversation means that you should get involved in reacting to other people in the comment section of some popular figures. For instance, you can simply comment down some good points about the figure you like. This will attract the people having the same thoughts for that person to visit your personal profile. In this way on networking medium is generated and the follower count increases on its own.

3. Make Use Of Your Bio URL

You might be aware of the feature that Instagram provides to all its users. People can attach a clickable link in their bio which redirects the visitors to your website. However, you should frequently keep on changing the clickable URL to drive more and more traffic. For instance, you should change the links weekly and had the direct link of the new contents you have shared on your profile or website.

4. Use Descriptive Captions

The Idea behind this way of increasing Instagram followers is to reach maximum people having the same thought process. With every Instagram post, you must give a suitable caption which should be unique and creative. Moreover, researchers show that people are often engaged in writing descriptive captions. Once the caption is liked by the users, you automatically get a follower. Additionally, these are organic followers who will not unfollow you until and unless you disappoint them by not posting frequently.

5. Change Tagged Picture settings

By default, Instagram allows anyone to tag you in their post and that post is also reflected in the tag section of your personal account. However, the idea is to maintain a good quality profile and not get tagged into unnecessary posts. Many times people tag you in promotional content which looks very weird on a personal profile. Hence, you must change the settings of your profile and approve the posts manually before the reflect on your account.

6. Keep in touch with influencers

You must always keep in touch and interact with the influences whom you like on Instagram. There is an option to enable notification every time an individual posts on Instagram. Hence, you should enable this option for that particular influencer and keep a track on how they use Hashtags and captions.

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