Top 6 London Travel Tips: Things To Avoid At All Cost

   London is one of the most famous tourist destinations. It is counted among the top visited Cities in the world. Traveling wrong London is a beautiful experience and people often revisit the place to bring back the memories they had created. However, there are some common mistakes that people do while traveling by road. Hence, you must avoid these London travel mistakes at all cost. To make sure that you are aware of all the London travel mistakes, we have listed down some quick London travel tips. You must take a look these London travel tips if you are visiting London any day soon.

London Travel Tips: Common Mistakes You Should Avoid

1. Avoid Eye Contact in Public Transport

This statement seems stupid but isn’t really. This is one of the most common mistakes that people do while traveling in London. London is a place where every individual is living a scheduled life and has a number of responsibilities on his back, unlike places like Thailand where you find people enjoying themselves everywhere. In a busy city, you make eye contact with someone and keep on smiling, they would probably come and meet you on your face. However, this is a very rare event.

2. Don’t sit next to someone unless necessary

For the same reason as mentioned above, you should avoid sitting next to someone mobile traveling via public transport in London. If you have a habit of talking to strangers sitting next to you, be on the asset side and prevent this common mistake. The residents are often busy even while transport in buses, doing some work on their phones. Hence, you must follow this quick London travel tips and not disturb anyone in the public transport.

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3. Don’t stop suddenly

There are many people who have a habit to stop suddenly on the footpath if they find some friend or shop. If this is your case, you should follow this quick London travel tip and avoid doing so. People with such habit or not open welcomed in a busy place like London where everything happens in the transition of seconds. Be prepared to face criticism if you are not following this quick London travel tip.

4. Don’t skip queues

If you want to test the patience level of London residents, simply skip a queue, and see the reaction of the crowd. You will instantly see some unwanted words coming towards you. Hence, this is a quick London travel tip and you must avoid this at any cost. At times, visitors have the mentality that they will be given an advantage over the others standing in the line. However, this is a very common misconception and busy places like London. So behave like a civilized being there.

5. Stand at the right side while traveling on an escalator

In most countries, the escalator is meant for standing and traveling the distance. Hence, this quick London travel tip is going to help you. You will find a number of escalators in shopping malls and airports in London. Stand only on the right side of the escalator without asking any questions. This is because, in London, the left side of the escalator is meant for walking and not standing. It is practically implemented for the same reason of busy schedule. Believe or not, London is a busy city.

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6. Don’t be shocked by bill amount

Besides busy, London is expensive too. Hence, it is advised to surprise your feelings, if you see a surprising bill for your drinks and eatables. This especially for those people who are fond of drinking at bars and pubs. These quick London Travel Tips will help you to fit in with the residents of London.

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