Titans Season 1, Episode 4 Review; Doom Petrol!

You all may know that the DC comic has launched the Titans’ TV series. You all may know that Akiva Goldsman, Geoff Johns, and Greg Berlanti created the series and they have done the full efforts to make this show amazing. In the recent episode, we have seen the weirdness and drama along with the funny lineups in the show which is quite different because the show keeps on moving away from its origin.

Overall, we are expecting the good TRp from the show in the upcoming days. The show was great because of the good screenplay including the adaption of the show. We didn’t find the plot that interesting or you can say that the start is slow. This episode does at least make a strong case for the next big series to debut on the DC Universe app. Titian’s next episodes are titled “Together”  & “The Messenger”.  We are waiting for the whole season so we can review it with the whole “book” not just by a cover.

Titans Cast-

Yes! You are reading it right the company has made the adaption of this new series and they are trying to make it better. We have seen the Ryan Potter’s Beast Boy for more than a minute or two in the recent episode “Doom Patrol”. You all may have seen Dr. Niles Caulder (Bruno Bichir), Robotman (Jake Michaels with voiceover work by Brendan Fraser), Negative Man (Dwain Murphy) and Elastiwoman (April Bowlby).

We are impressed with the Titans in sense of marketing the makers didn’t leave anything weak. The main star of the Titans “Dick and Kory” was basically shuffled off to the side because of the various guest actors. On one hand, we think that this show Titans’ lifespan is long and the makers aren’t trying to show everything in the first couple of episodes. Overall, in this episode, Doom Patrol we have seen that they acted very funny and the writer Geoff Johns did the fine work.

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Titans Review-

This show is quite different than any other recent release because you’ll see a breed of super-team who are more concern about their day-to-day life. You all may know that other superhero TV series/movies mostly came out with the same concern and which is saving the world. If you are new then we would like to tell you that the Doom Patrol is basically DC’s answer to the X-Men.

Final Verdict-

We felt a connection with nee DC’s TV series which is a good thing. We thought the makers are going to focus on Dick Grayson and his new team but they have changed the plot dramatically. You all should know that Doom Patrol is out on the show and still it’s impossible not to be excited about that series. The show is good and the viewers are really going to love it. Titans’ lineup, story, and other work were really good. We think that the viewers are going to love & appreciate the show.

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