These Are The Top 5 Torrent Websites Of 2019 For Everyday Use!

           Torrent is particularly a format which is undergoing a really hard time. The P2P sharing has helped many users in spreading out the pirated television shows and movies which are subjected to copyright. You might be aware of the fact that torrent sites are completely banned in most countries around the world. The most famous names in the torrent industry have been taken down. Moreover, those websites which are still working have to be accessed via VPNs. However, they are the best medium using which we can Download movies and TV shows on your device without paying anything. This is why we have listed down the Best working Torrent websites as of 2019.

Best Torrent Websites Of 2019

1. The Pirate Bay

The pirate bay is one of the most used Torrent websites. It is almost 15 years old and allows peer-to-peer file sharing option. Additionally, this website has a very simple user interface which can be used by any individual at any point of time. The website directly gives you a search option using which you can find the torrent files and directly download them on your device. However, there was use that the pirate bay has been blacklisted by most countries. Hence, you cannot directly access the website if it is banned in your country. Rather, you can use the different proxies of this website to access and download torrent files.


This is one Torrent website which will help you and downloading any torrent files, particularly of entertainment niche. It is one of the most famous Torrent websites for downloading movies and TV shows. You can download all the latest and famous movies without paying anything. Moreover, you will find all the latest launch using and the search bar of this device. The website is currently not available in as many as 15 Nations. However, there are a number of proxies and substitute domains available to access and Bypass the limitations.

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3. RuTracker

RuTracker is officially the most searched Torrent website on any search engine. It is particularly developed by a Russian and is available in Russian language only. However, you can use the different domains to access the English version of the website. Moreover, it is one of the most credible Torrent websites which is trusted by millions of users. The content and quality torrent files available on this website make it what it is. RuTracker is particularly known for entertainment and gaming Torrents.

4. Trolox

Torolex is a genuine Torrent website which will help you in downloading the latest movies and TV shows. However, you will get genuine torrent files only. Therefore, you must not expect the extremely latest and pirated movies on this website. The genuine copy of all the movie and TV show torrent files are available for download. Being genuine, the website can be accessed directly without the need for proxies or a virtual private network. From Animes to TV shows the website has got all. There are more than 5 million torrent files available on this website.

5. LimeTorrents

this is another significant Torrent website which will help you in downloading some amazing files on your device. You can directly access the website on its main domain. Many countries tool regulatory action on this torrent website as well which led to the blockage. Hence, it is not officially available in many countries. However, you can use the proxies and other sub-domains for accessing and downloading torrent files from this website. So if you are looking for the latest movies or TV shows or some game in torrent files, consider access to this website. It has a good collection and will not disappoint you at all.

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