iPhone 8 vs iPhone 8 Plus: Which Is Better? Detailed Comparison!

    Apple recently came up with its new flagship models, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus. The new generation iPhone seems to be a step-up, compared to the previous models like iPhone 7. At the launch event, Apple launched three devices iPhone 8, 8 plus, and iPhone X. The iPhone 8 and 8 plus logged somewhat similar both from front and back. There were not many differences in term of looks, on the screen. However, when will look them down on paper, they seem to be significantly different from each other. Planning to buy a new iPhone? Confused between iPhone 8 and 8 plus? Here is the comparison of iPhone 8 vs 8 plus, to clear all your confusions.

iPhone 8 vs 8 Plus


In terms of design, iPhone 8 and 8 plus looks like. Both the devices share the same rear glossy glass finished panel. At the front end, there is an aluminum boundary on both of them. Moreover, both iPhone 8 and 8 plus share the same screen, which Apple claims to be the most durable in the smartphone industry. However, there is one downside on both the devices. The absence of notch and the presence of a significant bezel at the bottom seems a bit outdated when we compare them with the latest iPhone X.

There is a home button with a fingerprint sensor at the bottom of the iPhone 8s. Both the device is like a 3.5 mm headphone jack. This is sad news for those who love music. The screen size of iPhone 8 is 4.7 inches and that of iPhone 8 plus is 5.5 inches. Hence, the screen size is not too big compared to all the smartphone is running in the market right now.

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The iPhone 8 and 8 plus comes with iOS 11 inbox. Additionally, they are powered by Apple’s latest 64-bit A11 Bionic CPU. The A11 CPU is claimed to be 70% faster than the cores of A10. iPhone 8 has 2GB of RAM, whereas, 8 plus has 3GB of RAM. The multitasking on both the device is seen to be sufficient for hardcore gaming and heavy multitasking. iPhone 8 plus seemed to be a bit better because of its higher Ram capacity. In terms of storage, both the devices pack a  64 GB ROM. The battery life is a major concern on the new iPhones. iPhone has 1822 MAH battery, whereas, iPhone 8 plus has a 2675 MH battery. Hence, you can make out how measurable the battery life as on both the iPhones.

Camera & Display

The camera is where both the devices are differentiated significantly. The iPhone 8 has a 12 MP rear camera, whereas, iPhone 8 plus has a dual lens setup at the rear side, having 12 + 5 MP Camera. The front camera is similar on both. The pictures are better when clicked from iPhone 8 plus. This is because of the obvious reason of dual lens setup. Coming to display, iPhone 8 plus has a full HD display with 4K video recording enabled. On the other hand, iPhone 8 has 750 × 1334 resolution. Hence, the display is much more crispy on the iPhone 8 plus. The iPhone 8 feels to output perfect contrast in pictures. The iPhone 8 has the option of FM radio, whereas, iPhone 8 plus lacks this.

iPhone 8 vs 8 Plus: Conclusion

Both iPhone 8 and 8 plus is not at all a value for money option. The features on both the device are scenes outdated. Additionally, the prices are set to high when we compare it to any other smartphone available with these specifications. However, if you are an Apple fan and want to upgrade from iPhone 7 to a higher version, we would recommend you to go for iPhone 8 plus. Hence, in our comparison of iPhone 8 vs iPhone 8 plus, the latter one is the winner. However, we still recommend you to switch to other smartphones for better specifications at this price tag.

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