These Are The Top 5 Indie Games 2019 For Nintendo Switch

These Are The Top 5 Indie Games 2019 For Nintendo Switch

                 Best Indie Games 2019 On Nintendo Switch: The list of indie games for Nintendo switch is quite large and a person will have to test all the games in order to find out the best ones. Indie games are always extra special because of the uniqueness in the gameplay and additional features which are usually something different compared to the normal games available for consoles. So are you looking for the best indie games 2019 for Nintendo switch? We have chosen and listed down few indie games which are both worth downloading and playing in 2019. So let’s directly skip to the list.

Best Indie Games 2019

1. Dead Cells

Dead cells are one of the best Indie games available for Nintendo switch. The unique gameplay makes dead cells even more interesting and better than ever before. It is based on secretive equations and a person will always find something new when he plays the game. Therefore, people usually don’t get bored by playing dead cells again and again. There a lot of things that have to be found out during the game and it is quite difficult to find out everything within a few days of gameplay. Hence, the game is addictive in nature and must be downloaded and played.

2. Cuphead

This is another best Indie game which has made its way to Nintendo switch. The game was first launched for Xbox and PC. However, the popularity of the game first the developers to launch the game for other platforms as well. It is based on the cartoon and other animated characters of the 1930s and gives you the option to relive the moment. Cuphead is a challenging game and involves a lot of activities. The player will have to remain focused while playing the game in order to win. The crispy fight with the boss makes the game even more interesting and tough. Therefore, it is a must-have game for all switch users.

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3. Hyper Light Drifter

Hyper light drifter is one of the best Indie games available for switch. It is a game particularly for adventure lovers and for those who are not satisfied by playing simple games. The gameplay of Hyper light is quite difficult and requires additional skills for solving all the levels. It has a powerful storyline which is understated but has a very high level of lighting. The perfect use of light and other features in the game makes it look scary and adventurous at the same time. Hence, you must consider downloading and playing this game on your switch.

4. Broforce

This is another amazing Indie game in 2019. It has a very simple run and gun gameplay. The player is given the role of a superhero in which he or she has to save the life of his brother’s using different weapons. The terrorists will attack the base using different kinds of bombs and weapons and the superhero will have to destroy them effectively. It has challenging levels and great graphics. So if you are looking for am action Indie game, broforce is a perfect choice and can be downloaded on switch easily.

5. Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is a very popular game and it was originally launched for the Windows platform. However, the growing demand of the game encourage the developers to make it for Nintendo switch as well. It was a great hit. The map, graphics and gameplay are all praiseworthy. It is one of the best adventurous Indie games available for both Nintendo switch and PC. Therefore, you can download and enjoy this game on your Nintendo switch without any trouble. The games sum up our list of best Indie games of 2019 for Nintendo switch.

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