Here Are The 7 Best Indies Game For PC You Can Enjoy Right Now!

Here Are The 7 Best Indies Game For PC You Can Enjoy Right Now

      Indies Games fathers games which are not developed by big companies Gameloft or asphalt. Weather India developed by small developers without any financial support or company as such. These Indie Games have been very popular in both Android and Windows platforms. Moreover, there are some really famous animes re in the games which have been developed keeping in mind some basic things. You might have not heard the name of these games quite often, but they are completely worth it.  Hence, we have come up with a list of Amazing Indie Games for Pc which you must download and play right away.

Best Indie Games for PC

1. Return Of Obra Dinn

This is one of the best indie games which is based on the Obra Dinn, a merchant ship which sank in the sea and was declared lost lately. This is basically a puzzle game which will land you up in this mysterious sea. Thereafter, you have to solve the puzzle and find out the 60 crew member, who lost their lives there. Hence, it is an amazing thought based game which is not very simple. Even if you are a champion at puzzles, you will have to put in your brain here to crack and solve it.

2. Into the breach

This is another amazing Indies game which will need some good Strategies to win. Additionally, the game is purely based on strategies and you have to save the buildings from mother opponents who will attack them. The more you save more will be the chances to win. Moreover, you need to quickly complete a level in order to unlock other missions and levels. It is brilliantly designed and you will find this indies games similar to any other game by a good developer.

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3. Her Story

Her story is basically storytelling game in which you have to solve certain pieces of clues. For instance, the game starts with A lady sitting in front of the police add answering certain questions. Actually, the video depicts that the lady has lost her husband somewhere. Hence, you have to type in phrases and look at the video footage to find out where his husband has gone missing. Hence, if you are a fan of story-loving games, you must try this indies game out.

4. Cuphead

This is a game which is inspired by the traditional cartoon characters of the 1940s. It is a kind of drug game in which you will have to read the race in order to win. You should be aware of what is going in the surrounding to win this game effectively. Hence, if you love games which has cartoon characters and can struggle for wine, this is a game for you.

5. Celeste

This is practically one of the best Indies game of 2018 for PC. This is mainly because of the amazing gameplay you will find here. The game is based on the theme where a small women character is trying to come over her demons. Hence, you will have to help her get up by climbing through many challenges. There multiple places where you will find it very difficult. However, you must remain there and solve the game out for her.

6. Hollow Knight

The game has a very big map in which you will have to perform multiple tasks. Moreover, this game started its journey on the PC platform, however, you can now find it on Nintendo switch. The gameplay is very challenging and you will find yourself engaged in the game. It will take approximately 30 hours to solve and complete the entire game. Hence, we have listed Airtel our list of best Indies game.

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