These Are The Best Xbox 360 Games Which You Must Have

               Best Xbox 360 Games: Xbox 360 is one of the best gaming consoles which has been introduced by Microsoft. It has changed the complete video gaming perspective. The console is really famous among the video game players because of it’s amazing controls and other features. There are exclusive games available for Xbox which makes it even more interesting and likeable. So are you looking for the best Xbox 360 games? We how come up with the list of best Xbox 360 games. Hence, you will no longer have to surf around the internet and search for the best game. Simply, go through the list below and have an amazing time.

Best Xbox 360 Games

1. Portal 2

Portal 2 is one of the best video game of its time and it has been hit. It has been updated in every possible way compared to its predecessor. The game has some amazing brain teaser puzzles which will never fail to entertain you. It combines humour and skills for solving the puzzles. There are many new characters which have been added to the game. Moreover, there are some features which make the game even more interesting and fun. Hence, you must try out portal 2 games on Xbox 360 if you haven’t tried it yet.

2. Batman: Arkham City

Batman Arkham City is one of the best Xbox 360 games which has been in the market for quite a time now. It has gained a lot of popularity because of its amazing characters and unique gameplay. It is one of the best comic book characters turned into a real game. The fighting mechanics and weapons make it even more interesting and account city is known for its dark adventures. Hence, you can try out this amazing Batman game on your Xbox 360. It will surely not disappoint you.

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3. Grand theft auto V

GTA V needs no introduction when it comes to video games. It is probably the first game which an individual installs on his Xbox. The visual graphics and unbelievable physics make the game look realistic. The series introduces you to the amazing characters. Drive across Los Santos and complete different Missions. There are different types of vehicles and sports car which you can drive. Moreover, the weapons also make the game very intuitive. Overall, it is a must-have the game and you must surely try it out if you haven’t done it yet. Moreover, the game also offers a multiplayer mode which is even more interesting.

4. Call of Duty 4

Call of Duty is among the most popular shooting games which are available on all major platforms. If you are a person who loves shooting and RPG games, this is surely your game. Call of Duty 4 has a completely new makeover compared to its predecessor. The graphics and sound effect will give you a great experience. Hence, it is a complete intense game which will keep you engage. Moreover, there are hundreds of different heavy weapons which you can collect and use them to kill the opponents. It is a real-time RPG game.

5. Rock Band 4

Rock Band is a different game which is specifically for people who love arts and music. It is a kind of music simulator game in which you can play the guitar and other musical instruments. The different kinds of instruments which are available in the game make it very interesting. The sound effect is also very soothing and you can become a pro by practicing regularly. Drums have been added recently to the game and the controls can make you a real drum. Casio and piano are also available which will help you in learning things gradually. Hence, this is a must-have game for all music lovers.

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