These Are The Best Android Launchers Of 2019 You Need To Try!

          Android Launcher is one of the most favourable features available on an Android smartphone. These applications help the users to change the theme of the smartphone easily without any trouble. Supporting the Android Launchers is one thing which gives Android an upper hand over iOS devices. iPhone users do not have any application to change the interface or theme of their device. It is only possible after Jailbreak. However, the Android operating system by default allows you to change the theme using Android launchers. So which are the best Android launcher is available on the Google Play Store? We list down the best Android launchers of all time below.

Best Android Launchers of 2019

1. Action Launcher

Action Launcher is one of the most downloaded and used Android launchers. You can easily download this application from the Google Play Store. This is basically a stock android launcher which is likable by those users who have not tested stock ROM on their devices. Most smartphones have their own UI, which is not likable by those people who are accustomed to using Google’s stock Android platform. With Action Launcher, you can feel the actual Android Oreo update on your smartphone. Moreover, the latest update hazard item number of teams using which you can change the colour pattern of the icons and other things.

2. AIO Launcher

AIO Launcher it’s somewhat different from the normal stock Android launchers. It has its own user interface which allows you to customise the icon packs and colours according to your choice. There are things which will allow you to choose the best one. Moreover, this launcher has a number of widgets including some rare ones. You can select different kinds of notifications and information that can be displayed directly on the home screen. You can get SMS, system info, and Twitter on the home screen directly. The paid version of the application includes features and integrations of the telegram and other popular applications.

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3. Apex Launcher

Apex is another amazing Android Launcher which has been one of the hottest picks. It is a stock Android Launcher and helps you to experience the original Android OS on your device. It is absolutely free to download, however, the premium version is paid. Apex has been one of the most rated launchers because of its simplicity and diversity. You can literally play with colours while customising the theme and icon packs. Everything present on the home screen can be changed by the users itself.

4. Microsoft Launcher

Earlier known as Arrow Launcher, this application has undergone a major reshuffling and branding. It is now known as the Microsoft Launcher. Officially from the house of the tech giant, this launcher can do wonders. It is simple, lightweight and magnificent at the same time. People who love to use lightweight and smooth launchers, this is the perfect pick. However, you can face some minor bugs while operating because the app runs in a beta version. Moreover, there are no concerns related to safety and privacy when you are using Microsoft’s official application.

5. Lightning Launcher

It is one of the new names in this lineup. As the name suggests, Lightning Launcher is a very lightweight software and runs smoothly. You can choose from a number of themes. Moreover, you are given the entire access to customise the home screen using JavaScript. You can also have multiple home screens which will help on different occasions. Additionally, you can set different gestures to reach the destination easily. However, this is a paid application and comes in two versions. The high-end version costs $4.99, while, the lower one costs $1.99. Hence, you can give it a try.

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