These Are The Best Ad Blockers For Uninterrupted Surfing!

These Are The Best Ad Blockers For Uninterrupted Surfing!

          The Advertisement is the most irritating thing that you will find while surfing the internet or even while playing games on your smartphone. You might have experienced certain interruptions while playing a video online or simply surfing the internet. These interruptions are caused by advertisements. Ads are fine as long as they are displayed in an organised manner. Moreover, the advertisement is the only source of income for most content writers. However, it becomes really annoying when the advertisements spam your entire screen. In such a situation you must use an ad blocker. Below is the list of best ad blockers.

The ad blockers are not usually available on the Google Play Store because Google it cell survives because of the advertisement network. The advertisements that you find while playing videos on YouTube or on the websites are old is played by the Google ad network. Hence, Google will not want the users to block the ads. Moreover, we all understand and that some industries survive because of this advertisement network. However, ad blockers are necessary for those websites which shows an unlimited number of advertisements rather than showing content. Choose any one of the ad blockers mentioned below and get started with uninterrupted surfing.

Best Ad Blockers Of 2019

1. AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus is the best ad blocker because it runs on both rooted and non-rooted devices. The application is not officially available on the Google Play Store, however, it can be downloaded from its official website easily. This application has to be set up once and then it automatically turns in the background. It is more or less similar to the ad blockers available on the browser extensions. Hence, it can easily filter all the advertisements on websites and applications on your smartphone.

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2. AdGuard

This is a relatively new ad blocker, however, we found out that the application works smoothly and efficiently just like the one mentioned above. It is also an application or tool which runs in the background of both rooted and non-rooted device. This application is available on Android and Windows platform. Moreover, you can also use it on Mac OS. However, you will have to pay a one-time fee for using it on your Windows or Mac platform. The tool filters all the website and applications similar to the browser extensions.

3. Browsers with ad blocker

Google Chrome and many other browsers come with an inbuilt ad blocker or you can simply add an extension. The Chrome ad blocker is very efficient, however, it blocks only offensive advertisements and not all. However, it makes sure that no advertisement is floating on the screen while using the internet. Hence, this is a happy solution which will also allow the content writers to earn some money and save you from ads at the same time.

4. Block This

This is one of the most famous ad blockers available on the internet today. It is similar to all the applications and tools mentioned above. However, the developers claim that this app uses a different methodology for blocking the advertisements on the websites. The different way of blocking advertisements consumes less battery and hence, is more favourable for most users.

5. AdAway

This is the most effective ad blocker on our list. However, the only downside of this application is that it runs only on the rooted devices. As the name suggests, it completely keeps away the advertisements from your smartphone. It uses some hard methods to keep away the advertisement. It is completely free to use software and can be downloaded on rooted smartphones easily. Therefore, we recommend you to use this ad blocker if you have a rooted Android device.

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