These Are The 5 Best Paying Tech Jobs And Current Openings

These Are The 5 Best Paying Tech Jobs And Current Openings

                    Best Tech Jobs: Half year has already passed and it is probably a time for you to review your career options. Tech jobs have been increasing exponentially over the last decade. The rapid growth in technology has led to an increase in tech jobs in the system. So which are the best Tech jobs currently? Looking for a tech job which can provide you with a boost in career and give you a decent salary? We have come up with a huge list of jobs and relevant openings. So check out the list and find out which is your field to play on.

Best Paying Tech Jobs

1. Data Scientist

  • Average Annual Salary – $108,000
  • Job satisfaction – 4/5
  • Current Openings – 27034

Data science is a wide field and the job role may depend upon the company. However, data science involves interpretation and study of charts and other data tools in order to give insights to the company. It is a high responsibility job which requires the candidates to be very precise with mathematics and statistics. There are Tech companies which are currently hiring a data scientist. You can also get a job as a data engineer trainee if you are a fresher. Hence, it is one of the best Tech jobs currently in the market with one of the highest packages.

2. Software Engineer

  • Average Annual Salary – $104,000
  • Job satisfaction – 3.6/5
  • Current Openings – 14773

There is no doubt that software engineering is one of the highest paid jobs. It is not only a job but a place where a lot of talent is required. A good software engineer need not have very great marks in his college or boards. The companies often look for talent rather than marks in this field. Google as a perfect example which pics of software engineers directly from the market upon talent. It is one of the finest career options across the world.

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3. DevOps Engineer

  • Average Annual Salary – $106,000
  • Job satisfaction – 4.1/5
  • Current Openings – 33000

DevOps Engineer is employed for streamlining the operating systems. It is a high-end Tech job which requires adequate skill in coding and other infrastructure machine learning languages. Moreover, most companies often have the criteria that the applicant must have completed the cloud engineering course which is in high demand nowadays. They basically have the job of automating the systems and maintaining the various programs and online services. It is one of the best Tech jobs in the US. Hence, you can apply in the current openings in case you have adequate skills.

4. Security Engineer

  • Average Annual Salary – $102,000
  • Job satisfaction – 4.2/5
  • Current Openings – 66000

Security engineers are mostly those people who are behind the protection of online data. Data privacy is one of the most important factors for most Tech companies including Google, Facebook, and other social media platforms. The security scientists have the job to maintain and create from ways which can protect data efficiently. You will have to work on different infrastructure projects which will help to prevent cyber attacks in future. No wonder this is one tech job which has the highest number of opening among all.

5. Data Analyst

  • Average Annual Salary – $60,000
  • Job satisfaction – 4.3/5
  • Current Openings – 8050

Data analyst is a person who is involved in collecting and analysing various statistical data use. The primary job of a data analyst is to collect and read various statistical data in order to keep the management informed about the various performances. The analytical skills are very important to become a data analyst and the applicant must also have good knowledge about the various data interpretation tools available on computers. Having adequate knowledge will give you a good paying job. Hence, you can select any one of these Tech jobs in order to give a boost to your career.

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