These Are The 5 Best Nintendo Wii Games Which You Must Have

              The 5 Best Nintendo Wii Games: Nintendo Wii is one of the most famous gaming console available in the market. It made a lot of Buzz when it was about to be launched. It has many new features and functions which are missing in the modern day gaming consoles. The company had codenamed it as a revolution. They believed that Nintendo Wii will bring a lot of changes and the gaming consoles. Now that you have bought a new gaming console, consider downloading some new games. Confused between which games to download on a new device? We have listed down all the amazing and best Wii games below.

Best Wii Games

1. Wii Sports

This is practically the first name that comes in everyone’s mind when we talk about Wii. Wii Sports is a basic game collection that is essential and must have on your gaming console. It includes a number of games like Golf, tennis, basketball, cricket. Hence, it is a bundle park which will of all the basic sports games for your gaming console. You can play sports games like cricket and football on your console by downloading this bundle pack. The games are very simple and basic, however, they will not fail to entertain you at any point in time. Gamers will be offered different kinds of the gaming environment in this bundle pack and it is really intuitive and interesting.

2. Wii Sports Resort

Many people said that Wii sports are not sufficient for gaming and fun. It offered only 5 games which are very common and simple. Hence, people demanded an upgraded version. Wii sports resort is the updated pack which offers many more games. It offers 12 games precisely. Many new games have been added based on vacations. You can now play archery and some amazing resort related games with this bundle pack. This update has been accepted by most gamers.

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3. Wii Party

You will love this particular game if you are a fan of Mario party. If you don’t want to lose your old friends, consider playing a Wii party. It is a simple bundle game which offers more than 80 different kinds of activities. You can play different kinds of interesting games including quiz, trot, puzzle and much more. There are games like balance import in which you have to balance the board and stop it from falling on either side. Hence, we have added it in our list of best Wii games.

4. Super Mario Galaxy

Nintendo and Mario have a deep relationship when we look behind. Mario is particularly the most enjoyed and downloaded video game of all time. Super Mario Galaxy continues The legacy of Mario gaming and takes it to another level. The mechanics and graphics used in this video game are astounding. It uses proper physics mechanics for gravity and space-related mechanisms. Hence, you will really enjoy this realistic super Mario Galaxy game. New designs have been added to the game which makes it even more attractive. You can jump in the space and convert tiny shapes into powerful stars.

5. Madworld

As the name suggests, you will enter a game which will seem like a world that has gone mad. In this game, you will have to play the role of an individual who is watching a death game. It involves a lot of violence and makes the murder look silly. The game has been through many controversies and it was not allowed to be released in many countries because of the extreme violent gameplay. However, the game is really amusing because of the commentary which makes the overall situation look funny. Hence, we have added this game in our list of best Wii games.

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