The Star Trek: Picard TV Series; Here’s Everything You Should Know About It

                  CBS is preparing high to get a launch for Star Trek: Picard which is a new series that is focused on Jean Luc Picard where Patrick Stewart is an iconic starship captain. It is set to premiere in late 2019. Star Trek: Picard will unfold 20 years after the events of 2002’s Star Trek: Nemesis. It follows the adventures of the former captain of the USS enterprises. As the series is so ready to premiere in CBS here is everything that we know about it so far.

Patrick Stewart debuted a new promotional image for the Star Trek: Picard in July 2019. He tweets out a shot of himself as Jean-Luc Picard alongside a dog. Looking out over the family vineyard he got retired after all the events of Star Trek: Nemesis.

First Trailer

CBS has revealed the trailer of Star Trek. It is the first and so brief a trailer for the series in May. This preview showcases the former Starfleet Hero who is at his family’s vineyard. He is the one who hints at something ominous in the reasons for the exit from Starfleet.

Season One

The very first season of this Star Trek: Picard is expected to have a total of around ten episodes. In this Hanelle Culpepper have worked and he is directing the first two episodes. The veteran Star Trek actor and filmmaker Jonathan Frakes are directing the third and also the fourth episodes.

Supporting Cast

As supporting cast, the series will feature Santiago Cabrera who is a skilled thief and the pilot who is assisting Picard as well as Michelle Hurd who is a former Starfleet Intelligence officer.

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Launch Date

Star Trek: Picard will debut on CBS near the ending of the year 2019. It will air exclusively on the streaming service. The title and logo of the show were revealed during a network representation.

Behind The Camera Scene

The first details regarding Star Trek: Picard were shared by the CBS during the 46th Annual UBS Global Media and the Communications Conference.  The series development has been tasked to Star Trek: Discovery co-creator and executive producer Alex Kurtzman who is joined by any of the other members of the Discovery creative team of the project. In the month of July Michael Chabon was announced as the showrunner of the series. Chabon says that Star Trek has been an important part of my way of think about the world, the future, human nature, storytelling and myself since he was ten years old. He says that he comes to work every day in the very state of joy.

The Return Of Jean-Luc

Star Trek: Picard will be featuring Patrick Stewart who gets reprised in the role which he played for around seven seasons of this long-running Star Trek: The next generation television and lies in the multiple star trek movies. The story has expectations to continue its story exploring for Picard’s life after the events of The Next Generation.

Stewart is likely to return in the role of Jean-Luc Picard which was first announced in August and the veteran actor who is also quite known for portraying the mutant in X-Men movies.

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