The Complete Guide To Download Cydia On iOS Devices

The Complete Guide To Download Cydia On iOS Devices

            Guide To Download Cydia on iOS Devices: You might have often heard that people prefer using Android smartphones over iOS devices. But have you ever thought the reason behind the statement? This is simply because of the fact that the Android operating system allows you to configure and download many third-party applications. On the other hand, the iOS device does not even allow you to download apps using the browser. However, you can unlock your iOS device and get into the world of to tweaked applications. Cydia is the application which will help you and doing so.

What is Cydia?

Cydia is a simple application which is available only for iOS devices. However, the simple application cannot be downloaded easily Like The Other applications from the app store. There is a completely different procedure for installing Cydia on iOS devices. We have nested down the entire guide to download and install this application on the iOS devices. It helps the iOS users in unlocking some major features of the iPhone or iPad. For instance, users can download third-party tweaked applications. Basically, Cydia is nothing but an app store which gets you third-party tools and apps which can help you in hacking and getting some exclusive features.

Does Cydia Require Jailbreak?

Yes, it is mandatory to jailbreak your device in order to install the Cydia application. Without Jailbreaking, it is impossible to download and install the app on your device. This is because of the fact that jailbreaking removes the restrictions that iOS puts on your device. There is no need to worry if you do not have a jailbroken iPhone or iPad. You can follow our exclusive guide to jailbreak IOS devices and then get ready to download the Cydia application.

Features of Cydia

  • It allows users to download third-party applications on iOS devices.
  • The best part is that it is completely free to use and each and every feature is also free
  • Users can download and install paid applications for free on the device using this application
  • Moreover, there are some amazing tools available on this app will help you to remove restrictions from your iPhone.
  • You can hack different kinds of application available on the iOS device and remove their licence. This will help you in making in-app purchases for free. Therefore, you can get unlimited coins and money inside different games.
  • Additionally, the best part is that it is not really illegal to download this app. DMCA has exempted it from the list of illegal apps.

Guide to download Cydia on iOS Devices

It is not very hard to download and install this application on iOS devices. However, users have to be cautious and careful about why you doing anything. Each and every step of the process is very important and none of them should be missed out. Additionally, jailbreaking as a complicated process and each and every step must be done very carefully. We recommend you to use the step by step procedure given by us for or getting the application installed on your device efficiently.

  • First of all, the user has to jailbreak his or her device. You can follow our guide to jailbreak IOS devices.
  • Once the process is completed and the device is successfully jailbroken, go to the official website of Cydia and click on download.
  • Once the download is completed, a popup will be displayed on your screen seeking permission.
  • Click on “go to settings”
  • Now you will have to enable the trust factor in order to install the app.
  • the application will be successfully installed on your iOS device and is now ready to download all the tweaked applications for you.
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