Spider Man Annual #1: Peter Porker, The Spectacular Spider-Ham Comic Book Review

Spider Man Annual #1: Peter Porker, The Spectacular Spider-Ham Comic Book Review

           People’s favorite new comic and cartoon character Peter Porker who is The Spectacular Spiderman Ham. All thanks for the backstory and history that anyone could hardly expect to go to Into The Spider-Verse. The character is quite fabled, silly but also sometimes serious and saccharine and serious. There is much more nuanced than any spider- bitten pig deserves. But now his very own Spider-Man Annual issue is split in two stories in which the writer of the first one is Jason Latour and it is also illustrated by Jason Lafuente. The second one is written by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller and illustrated by Latour.

What It’s About?

The story goes after a very brief origin recap and this also leads the foray into Ham’s world which is quite a doozy. Ham then further goes on helping Spider Gwen and Miles Morales which is out of some mind control Shenanigans who fights out all the boredom and chronic fatigue. It is with the help of J.Jonah Jackal which traverses through various nightmares and daydreams which comes out on the top. It lies far too much unfortunately to keep up with and it is a lot. While it is also appreciable that there are a number of very good ideas and many one-liners here like “ant May” and without you, there also ruining the city, journalism is dying. It is also difficult not to feel like that Latour had six ideas for every page. It is one for each of Spider Man’s arms rather than cutting it down into two or three readable and writing them all in. It is endearing but also an untenable attempt to make at being so referential and refreshing. It relies too much on the knowledge of spider man’s vast backstory as work as effectively as it wants to.

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Thankfully there is Lafuente’s stellar tone that narrates when it gets overbearing. Looking at the fine line between the newspaper origins and Into the Spider Berse’s sleeker aesthetic the story goes dynamic, bold and really engaging.

The Nature of Characters 

Joe Caramnaga’s lettering is as a joke to Peter’s hobbies. This helps to accentuate the visual gags and thus there is the establishment of another tone. Dissimilar to this Lord and Miller story is quite serious and also sober. As Ham and Howard, the duck shares drink at the bar which is ruminating not at the end of their lives but also to the end of their world. The nature of the comic is circuitous as a medium and it also touches on humanity and the absurdity of the characters in the creation. The way is very unexpected and really inspiring one. It is a kind of balance between the absurdism and seriousness that has made The Spiderman verse work and these two prove that they can deliver the same in a sleek manner.

Reviews And Rating 3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

The animation is glorious and it is quite faithful to its comic roots than any of the big screen graphics in the past. The story is witty and complex but it is perfectly comprehensible. The reviews are quite good about the movie. Rating is 3.5 out of 5 stars.


It will make you feel that you are in the pages of the comic book. It is unique among the other spider heroes because it was not the pig bitten by the radioactive spider but this time the spider bit by the radioactive pig. There are many emotional scenes that bring value to life.

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There was only one thing that seems to be a norm in Hollywood that the overweight people were portrayed constantly as a joke and there is no exception to it.

Comparison of the two-Story

But Latour meets the call perfectly. The scene then turns into a quiet scene between Ham and Howard that is expressive and authentic.  The first story is quite flighty and frustrating but also stylish and silly in a great effective way. On the other hand, the second one is sobering in an unexpected but the deserved and enriched way.  We would not recommend this to fans hot off Into the Spider-Verse. But still for those people who like Spider-Ham because of the massive backstory and history of the character will find a lot to dig into here.

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