Social Workers Are Prescribing Pokemon Go To Fight Loneliness And Depression

                   Strange phenomena started unfolding itself in July 2016. Streets were having some high number of people who were moving around with smartphones. We are talking about nothing but the Augmented reality powered, Pokemon go. The game had gone viral when it was launched in the first week of July in 2016. The game was being played across the world including some big cities like New York, Singapore, Melbourne, and many others.

It is a perfect combination of Augmented reality with a game. You might be familiar with the gameplay of Pokemon go in which you have to move around on the streets in real time in order to catch the Pokemon. The game became extremely popular among the kids and teenagers and it was quite evident with certain reports which were rolled out. According to a report, the number of searches for Pokemon go, on Google, surpassed many trending terms.

However, there are some more important things which you would love to hear about. Meet Sofia, she lost her husband who was suffering from cancer and she went into depression because of loneliness. Her daughter and grandchildren helped her in the transition phase.

Sofia is very close to her grandchild named, Diego. Both spend ample time every day on various activities. It was Diego who introduced Sofia to Pokemon go. They what ground on the streets together and her grandchild showed her how he captured Pokemon on the way. She found the game really interesting and she opened her own account.

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She walks briskly on the roads in order to find Pokemon. Going to the shops and the market became a new way to reinvent the roots in order to find suitable Pokemon on the way. She started feeling more social and this adventure added how to the list of school grandmothers.

The games soon became a part of her life which helped her in socializing and connect the inverter to the people of the modern generation. This is one of the few examples where the new games have attracted the older generation people.

Pokemon Go Is Recommend In Badalona

Badalona is popular for its innovative and amazing health care system, which is centralized through the City council. The social workers are recommending people to play Pokemon go because of two main objectives: excise and social illusion.

According to the social workers, Pokemon go is a perfect partner of loneliness which helps in curing depression and other problems of socializing. It helps in connecting better to the people of the modern age. Moreover, walking around on the streets is a really good exercise for old people.

Therefore, Pokemon go is being taken as an adjective procedure for curing things like depression. It is really helpful because it is also promoting people to walk around and stay healthy. You might be aware of the fact that walking reduces the risk of heart disease. Therefore, social workers are quite right on this recommendation.

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