Security Flaw: More Than 100 Million PC Users Are At A High Risk Of Cyber Attack

Security Flaw: More Than 100 Million PC Users Are At A High Risk Of Cyber Attack

                The digital revolution has taken the world by storm. There is no doubt that digitalization has done much good to the human civilization. However, the increasing cyber attacks and the threat of privacy leak is something which everyone must be concerned about. Besides online advertisements and viruses, hackers are seeking every possible way to find a loophole in the system in order to attack and steal the data. This is not just a concern for an individual but for the society as a whole. Computers and software are at the highest risk of getting hacked.

According to recent studies, more than a hundred million PC users are at risk of a cyber attack. Ever product or software that gets popular on the internet is at risk of a cyber attack. There is some famous software which has the back door is open for the hackers to get into an individual’s PC and steal the data. These software and programs are made for a specific device maker and they often try to safeguard the customers by releasing security patch updates. However, not everyone remains up to date. Hence, you can read the following article in order to understand the risk and methods to prevent them.

SupperAssist: A big Security flaw

There are various labs where researchers are conducted to find out the loopholes in the security of particular companies. SafeBreach Labs how come up with an alarming report. According to them, there is a software which comes pre-installed on Dell laptops and some other third party laptops as well. However, the name of this software is not the same on all the devices. But it is named SupperAssist on Dell laptops. It is a built-in technical support tool for Dell laptops.

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Dell has stated that the security flaws are present in the super assist application because of the components shipping with the software suite. According to SuperLabs, the security flaws heroes because of the lack of authentication in the software when the pick up files from a folder on the PC.

As the software does not verify the folder, a professional hacker can place an infected file which the tool will scan and activate automatically. Once the file is activated, each and every file and data stored on the PC can be accessed by the hackers. No wonder, it is a very big security threat and over a hundred million people across the world are exposed to this security flaw.

Are you exposed to this security flaw?

Thankfully No. Dell talks a very effective step against this loophole and addressed the issue completely. Dell officially announced on 28th May 2019 that all the devices are now safe as the loophole has been addressed. According to Dell, 90% of users instantly downloaded the security patch and they are completely safe now. However, 10% of people were not aware of the matter and have not yet updated to the latest version. This 10 % of people are a late hai risk of a cyber attack.

Therefore, it is high time for you to download the security patch as soon as possible. This is valid only for the Dell users. The update was automatically installed on most PC and laptops because the company name enables the auto-update feature by default. However, you are at high risk if you have shut down this how to update feature enabled by the company.

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However, there is no rest if you have already updated to the latest version manually. It is always recommended that the users must enable the auto-update feature for addressing such issues instantly. Dell has also pushed out notifications for the users who haven’t yet downloaded the security patch.

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