San Jose Shooting: Gunman Killed 4 Family Members Over Visa Jealousy, Relative Says

San Jose Shooting: Gunman Killed 4 Family Members Over Visa Jealousy, Relative Says

            A family member of a man who San Jose police say shot four family members to death before taking his own life. It is believed that the man had been upset with his wife and was able to get visas for her relative to travel to the United States from Vietnam.

The 66-year-old Chi Dinh Ta who killed 4 of his family member had lately called to Van Khuat and told him that he is planning to kill his in-laws, who had just arrived in San Jose recently from Asia.

Khuat said Ta was his wife’s cousin. He also told the news agency in San Jose, “He said he was going to kill them. He had said things like this before, but I had always talked him down, calmed him down.”

As per to Khuat who said that Ta had been bustling with jealousy for the reason that he was not able to bring his own family from Vietnam.

On Sunday night, police got the report of shooting from the locality where Ta and his family member were there. Following the report, the police entered his home at 1:25 am Monday and found Ta’s dead body of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. Two other adult women were also found shot to death inside the house.

Two other victims were also found in the house who was an adult man and a woman. They were immediately taken to the hospital, where they were pronounced died.

Ta’s wife and daughter on the other hand somehow managed to fled to safety in a neighbor’s home for the duration of this rage.

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Khuat said that Ta’s in-laws were “the nicest people and they were always nice to him.”

He further said that “It was something in his mind, he snapped. I just found out about this. It is a terrible thing to hear.”

Residents in the San Jose neighborhood are totally shocked at what happened, they have never expected such things to happen in their locality. One of the neighbors said that she heard gunshots and loud screams on the night of the shooting coming from Ta’s home.

One more resident, says that there was no sign that his neighbor, Ta, who lived in the house on Hibbitts Court with his family, was annoyed or angry about anything.

The local resident in the neighborhood, Lorenz Dumuk, said that “It’s one of those neighborhoods where you know he would say hi to his neighbors and they would have talks now and then.”

He then further added, “You don’t see the anger, you don’t see anything until the anger finally manifests itself into action like this, we don’t get to talk about until the anger becomes destructive.”

San Jose Police spokesman Sgt. Enrique Garcia also talked about the incident that there was no recorded history of domestic violence at the home but the investigators at the same time were still trying to investigate and determine a motive.

Garcia also further added the statement by saying that Santa Clara County Medical Examiner-Coroner’s Office is soon going to release the names of the victims, who are all assumed to be related.

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