The New Apple iPhone Will Launch In 2020 With Ultra-fast 5G Speed, According To Report!

The New Apple iPhone Will Launch In 2020 With Ultra-fast 5G Speed, According To Report!

               All You Need To Know About Apple iPhone 5G: The rumors have already begun and we haven’t seen any significant development which shows that iPhone 2019 is coming soon. However, we already came to know that Apple has planned to launch a new iPhone in September 2019. However, speculations cannot be stopped in this world. We have gone update for and have searched a bit about iPhone 2020. This is mainly because of the fact that the 2019 version of iPhone will not have any significant changes. However, we do expect that there will be some significant changes in iPhone 2020. Here is everything we know about the upcoming device.

Here Is Everything We Know About Apple iPhone 2020 So Far


There are several Expectations when we talk about the display and design of the upcoming iPhone in 2020. Most analysts expect that Apple is going to launch 3 smartphones in the series. The arrange will include the smallest iPhone and the largest iPhone at the same time. Currently, iPhone XS is the smallest iPhone with the screen size of 5.8 inches. We expect that the smallest iPhone and the range of 2020 version will be 5.42 inches and largest iPhone will be 6.67 inches. The middle one must be 6.07 inches. Moreover, all three models will be OLED ones. This is because we have seen Apple is adapting to the relatively new display technology.

The smallest iPhone of this range will have cost-effective panels from either Samsung or LG. Currently, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max powered by OLED screens whereas, iPhone XR is powered by the LCD screen. They call it the Liquid Retina Display. However, it is believed that Apple is planning for an all-OLED lineup. This is in accordance with the fact that the company which supplies LCD to Apple is going through its worst phase. Moreover, all other companies are already using OLED display on all flagship and mid-flagship devices. Hence, the iPhone must also come up with the same.


The camera specification is a bit hard to guess because of the increasing versatility. It is expected that the triple lens camera will be found in the 2019 version of the iPhone itself. Hence, there must be some major changes in iPhone 2020. We expect a triple lens camera set up along with a powerful laser 3D sensor. The sensor is capable of capturing in-depth and detailed pictures with accuracy and also enable augmented reality features.

It may operate at distances of 15 feet. They are practically working with Sony for sensors. It is also expected that Apple will be coming up with a new augmented reality headset. We have also heard that the 3D camera will make a debut in an iPad Pro which is going to come up in early 2020. Hence, there will be a glimpse of the camera before iPhone 2020 is Launched.


Intel and Qualcomm are the only companies which are competing for the next generation chip which will support the fastest network and 5G Technology. It is expected that iPhone 2020 will surely have 5G. However, it will be limited to the highest model in the lineup. Apple has already got into a contract with Intel for providing the next generation chips which will support the 5G Technology. Reports from various news agencies already show that Apple is going to go forward with the Intel modems in iPhone 2020.

Apple was also looking for the possibilities of them create in the 5G modem themselves. This is mainly because of the fact that Apple wants to reduce is a dependency on other companies like Intel. Moreover, it is not likely that Apple will need a switch to Qualcomm because they are already having a legal battle with them and it will continue for years. However, the iPhone will be sticking to Intel for the 2020 version of the iPhone.

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