Quantum Computers: Why Do We Need of It?, Importance & Benefits!

  Quantum computers are the next generation and the future of computers. No wonder, why Tech Giants like Google and IBM are racing to create the next generation of supercomputers. Quantum computing takes advantage of the strange ability of subatomic particles to exist in more than one state at any time. Due to the way the tiniest of the particles behave operation can be done but more quickly and use less energy band classical computers.

In classical computing, a bit is a single piece of information that can exist in 2 states that is 1 or 2. Quantum computing uses Quantum bits or qubits instead. These are quantum systems with Two States. However, unlike a usual bit, they can store much more information, because they can exist in any superposition of these values.

Quantum Computers

Quantum computers could one day provide a breakthrough in many disciplines, including materials and Drug Discovery, the optimization of a complex system and artificial intelligence. But to realize these breakthroughs, and to make quantum computers widely usable and accessible, we need to reimagine information processing and the machines that do it.

Why We Need Quantum Computing?

We experience the benefits of classical computers every day. Today’s computer helps and entertains us, connects us to people all over the world and allow us to process huge amounts of data, to solve problems and manage the system.

However, there are problems that today system will never be able to solve. For challenges above a certain size and complexity, we don’t have enough computational power on earth to tackle them. To stand a Chance At solving some of these Complex problems, we need a new kind of computing which helps us to scale for them in the future.

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How Far Away Are Quantum Computers?

Until recently, it seemed like Google was leading the Pack when it came to creating a computer that could surpass the abilities of conventional computers. In an article published, the search giant set out an ambitious plan to commercialize Quantum technology in the next five years. Google said it intends to achieve something it calls “quantum Supremacy” with a 49-qubit computer by the end of 2022.

Now quantum Supremacy, which roughly refers to the point where a Quantum computer can crunch sums that a conventional computer couldn’t hope to stimulate. IBM has gone further than Google in making quantum computers commercially available. However, anything my computer is not near.

Benefits of Quantum Computing

Quantum computers operate on completely different principles to existing computers, which makes them really well suited to solve particularly mathematical problems. Since prime numbers are so important in Cryptography, its likely that quantum computers would quickly be able to crack many of the systems that keep our own information security.

Researchers are also excited about the prospect of using quantum computers to model complicated chemical reactions. Google engineers used Quantum device to stimulate hydrogen molecule for the first time, and since then IBM managed to model the behavior of even more Complex molecules. Eventually, researchers hope they will be able to use Quantum stimulations to design in entirely new molecules for use in medicine.

Scaling Quantum System

In order to increase the computational power of quantum computing systems, improvement are needed along two dimensions. One quite counts, the more qubits you have, the more States Can in principle be maintained as stored. The second is to achieve low error rates. We need to be able to manipulate the qubit States accurately and perform sequential operations that provide answers, not noise.

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Combining these two concepts, we can create a single value of a quantum computers power called the quantum volume. Building large systems with lower error rates will lead to discovering the first instance of quantum advantage.

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