Chinese Company Sugon Placed On US ‘Entity List’ After Strong Performance At International Supercomputers Conference

Chinese Company Sugon Placed On US 'Entity List' After Strong Performance At International Supercomputers Conference

               China has been on the number one position in terms of supercomputers since July 2013. The various Tech companies from China have made themselves prominent in the world of supercomputers. However, China is now keeping mum on its latest HPC accomplishment.

There have been multiple sources which have confirmed that China-based Sugon was all set to win the title of world’s most powerful supercomputer at the international supercomputer conference held in Germany last week. However, the company pulled back its entry even after getting 2x benchmark score compared to the summit supercomputer of the United States which is currently ranked number one in the world.

Possible Reasons?

There is no official statement by the company. However, experts believe that this move was connected to the ongoing trade war between the United States and China. Donald Trump and Xi Jinping are going to meet next week at the G20 summit and there is a possibility of a trade deal between the two countries. Hence, China does not want to take any risk by showcasing any superpower which it has accomplished currently. They are afraid of the same functions which were faced by China-based Tech firm, Huawei.

Even though Sugon holds back their entry, there gained a lot of attention at ISC. This who was particularly because of the nebula, it’s next-generation silicon cube high-speed supercomputer. It features a phase changing cooler. Each node has AMD x86 CPU and 4 AMD GPUs. The specification of this supercomputer is really great and it cannot be matched with any other device currently present in the world. It has liquid cooling technology which has been in development since 2012. The company also claims that nebula has a PUE of less than 1.04.

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The company heavily relies on US chips like AMD, Intel, and Nvidia, especially in the commercial market. It is quite obvious that they are going to take a hit because there is an export limitation. The companies are going through a tough day because of the trade war between the two countries. AMD has confirmed that it will completely abide by the laws passed by the US government as it has been doing since years. They claimed that the deal between AMD and THAT was limited to first generation zen cores.

In 2010, Sugon voice the first company to bring China to the second position in the world in terms of supercomputers. The journey of the company and the country has been great since then. However, earlier this week the commerce department of the United States government has flagged Sugon as a possible threat to cybersecurity. Sugon has suspended trading of its shares and has declared that it will start trading again on or before July 1. It also said in a company filing at The Shanghai stock exchange that the company is looking into the extent of Ban imposed and will comply with all the parties respectively.

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