QLED vs OLED: Which Is A Better Option For Televisions?

QLED vs OLED: Which Is A Better Option For Televisions?

      Television industry which was earlier divided into two categories are now divided into 3. Samsung’s latest QLED Technology has become very popular and smart TV segment. QLED is an alternative to OLED Technology. It has been patented by Samsung. However, the customers remain confused between the best television based on OLED & QLED Technology. Which out of these can give a better viewing experience? This question can be easily answered if we go into a deep discussion about these two Technologies. Hence, we have compared QLED vs OLED to find out which one is better for the customer experience.

What is QLED?

QLED is the latest display technology by the Korean Tech giants, Samsung. QLED is nothing but a LED with Quantum dots. However, Samsung claims that discount import Technology enhances the brightness quality of the image and video displayed on the screen. Moreover, the picture quality and backlight production are significantly improved using this Samsung QLED Technology. Samsung officially on stress technology and even wants are the manufacturers to adopt it. This was followed by deals with certain manufacturers like TCL. Hence, there are only three manufacturers of QLED TVs in the market as of now.

QLED should not be mistaken as the plasma technology in which the colour is emitted by the diode itself. The only work all these Quantum dots is to spread the light more efficiently. Hence, it slightly brightens up the television output.

What is OLED?

OLED is a technology which has been appreciated by each and every technical expert. Unlike any other Technology, in OLED televisions the Diode produces light itself rather than reflecting it. Hence, the true colours produced by these diodes significantly improve the picture quality. Moreover, the contrast of colours is true and deep. Additionally, all the pictures displayed or vibrant and of sharp quality. OLED was first used by LG to produce televisions. However, the technology was later adopted by Sony and other big television manufacturers.

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Almost every television company now has an OLED model in the lineup. OLEDs are significantly different from the normal LED TVs. This is because there are many differences between LED and OLED TVs. The most important difference being that colours are produced by the diode itself in OLED panels.


There are some significant differences between QLED and OLED Televisions. Broadly Speaking, the technology used in both is completely different and unique. In QLED, the light and colours are produced normally. However, they are not produced by the emitting diodes. The function of the quantum dots present is to efficiently distribute the colours in every megapixel. This gives it an upper hand to the LED TVs.

However, in OLED television the colours and light are produced by the diode itself. Hence, it is distributed in every megapixel of the screen efficiently. This results in better light management and sharper picture quality. Now let’s find out the better one out.


OLED is the undisputed winner in this segment because it can produce deep and intense black light. QLEDs, on the other hand, produces decent blacklight. However, it isn’t as deep as OLEDs. This is mainly because the colour is not produced by the diode and the brother is reflected to become black.


Both the technology provides adequate brightness. Hence, in this segment, the results will be drawn. This is because the QLED Technology balances the light emitting power Of OLED televisions by its Quantum dot Technology.

Viewing Angles

There is no doubt that the OLED televisions have a master viewing angle. You will get clear images at almost each and every angle. However, the image quality becomes less vibrant on increasing angles in QLED Televisions. Hence, in our comparison of QLED vs OLED, we found out that OLEDs are the best.

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