Pulwama Attack 2019; All Details About J&K Terror Attack You Must Know!

               The day on which the world celebrates love, India witnessed an inhuman terror attack. Almost 40 troopers of the central reserve police Force (CRPF) were killed in a deadly terror attack on 14th February 2019. The terror attack was performed in a very new way where the suicide bomber attacked a convey of CRPF with an SUV car loaded with IEDs.  The terrorist was confirmed to be the part of Jash-e-Mohammad led the terrorist group. This incident left the entire nation in a state of shock on 14 February 2019.

Pulwama Attack: Complete Details-

The CRPF vehicles were moving on the highway when an SUV filled with 350 gram of explosives hit a particular truck having more than 40 troop members. The entire nation went into the state of grievance and strong demand for retaliation was raised by each and every citizen of the nation. Following the attack, Prime Minister Narendra Modi officially released a circular which gave full right to the Army to undergo anything they think could be done as a response. Within 24 hours, three terrorists who were involved in the Pulwama terror attack were killed in the joint encounter performed by the Army and the Jammu and Kashmir police.

The encounter lasted for a few hours as the Army got to know that few terrorists were hiding in a house in South Kashmir. Intelligence confirmed the news and a joint operation was launched. After a few hours of firing, the Army exploded the entire house. Reports say that 3 soldiers of the army also died during the encounter.

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Meetings after meetings were being held at the Prime Minister Office. Defence Ministry, home ministry, and a series of security council meetings were held one after another. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also had a meeting with all the Indian armed forces to discuss the security breach and what more can be taken by the country in response to the Pulwama attack.

The country wanted a stiff action against Pakistan, which has been aiding terrorism under its roof. All the government officials officially declared that strict action will be taken against the terrorist attack. Prime Minister Narender Modi himself at rest the nation and assured each and every citizen that appropriate action will be taken at the right time by the Indian armed forces.

10 days had passed away but the tears in the eyes of martyred soldier’s families were still there. The entire country came together and peace rally was taken out in every single city. The opposition parties were also standing by the government to take a step action against Pakistan.

It was 26th February morning when every individual got up at the usual time to carry on their daily routine. This was when the citizens came to know that the revenge for the Pulwama attack was successfully taken by the Indian airforce while they were sleeping. At 330 hours, a group of Indian Air Force fighter jets bombarded the terrorist camps located in balakot, Pakistan. This was the beginning of another phase. The incident caused a situation of war between India and Pakistan and various escalations took place later. Here are all the developments and escalations that followed the Pulwama attack.

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