India-Pakistan Tension: All Recent Developments And Escalation!

            Kashmir, known as the heaven of India has been the reason for constant conflict between the two nuclear-armed countries. Since the division of 1947, Kashmir has remained a disputed land which is claimed by either country. However, the international committees came to the conclusion that Kashmir belongs to India. There is a wide history of the war between India and Pakistan because of this same issue. The war almost broke out again a few days back when the Air force of both the countries engaged.

India has been suffering from terrorism and constant attacks since freedom. The Government of India of claims that all the terrorist attacks are done by Pakistan based terrorist groups like Jash-e-Mohammed. The recent political developments in both countries have put a lot of pressure on the government to take strict action against each other. India has always played safely and diplomatically against Pakistan for any terrorist attack.

Recent Developments

However, things started changing after the recent Pulwama attack, which left more than 40 Indian soldiers martyred in the self-bombing terrorist attack. There was a strong hatred against Pakistan led terrorist groups among all the Indians. This had bought a lot of pressure on the government for taking a strict step.

India’s Response

At 330 hours, 26th February 2019 a fleet of Indian fighter jets entered Pakistan occupied Kashmir and bombarded the Jash-e-Mohammad camp and headquarter located in balakot. The Indian Air force claimed that it had successfully destroyed the camps by intruding into the air space of Pakistan in response to the recent Pulwama attack.

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The morning of 26 February 2019 was full of news and chaos when the citizens of both the country came to know about the air strike at balakot which happened earlier during the night. The strike was successful and the citizen of Pakistan outraged on it’s Prime Minister, Imran Khan for having faced such a consequence in their own land.

The Escalation

By the morning of 26th February, the entire world came to know about the recent development between both the countries. India and Pakistan were in a state of War once again. The day brought many things with it and there was a sense of chaos in the Government Offices. The world had guessed that situations are going to worsen further. The president of the United States, Donald Trump himself came before the media and said that the tension between both the countries is adding up drastically.

The citizens of Pakistan started putting a lot of pressure on their Prime Minister in order to take strict action against India for having violated their air space. On 27th February 2019, news started coming in that there was a serious engagement between the fighter jets of the Indian Air force and Pakistan Air force. According to the official sources, 24 f-16 fighter jets of the Pakistan Air force came close to the line of control. This penetration was immediately answered by the patrolling Indian Air Force Jets.

The Indian Air Force claims to have shot down one F-16 fighter jet of the Pakistan Air Force. Moreover, the Indian Air Force also lost one aircraft during the engagement. However, the wing commander of the Indian Air Force was successful in ejecting from the jet. He landed up in Pakistan where he was taken in custody.

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Things further worsened and the diplomatic channel between both countries became extremely heated. India had clearly stated that any sort of bad treatment with its commander would result in a full-fledged war. However, later in the day, Pakistan announced that it would release the wing commander of the Indian Air Force the next day in accordance to the Geneva convention. The when the commander has now been handed over to India as a peace gesture by Pakistan.

What is the future?

Even though the matter has cooldown somewhere after the handing over of commander, India still stands with the statement that it is going to fight against terrorism in the future. This sends out a clear signal that all is not well between the countries.

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