Starbucks Rewards Program: How To Get Free Drink?

  Whenever someone makes a plan to go for a coffee, the first place which comes in mind is Starbucks. Starbucks has been serving tasty and quality coffee since 1971. Do you know about the Starbucks rewards plan? Using this Starbucks rewards program you can get coffee free of cost.

Starbucks is known as the main representative of “second wave coffee.” Therefore initially differentiating it from other coffee chains. The taste, quality and customer interaction has lead to the growth of Starbuck from a local store to a global coffee chain. Today Starbucks has outlets across the world.

Starbucks Rewards Program

Starbucks rewards program is one way on which Starbucks endeavors to reward and thank loyal customers for patronizing their Business. Members of the Starbucks reward program can collect stars, that can be redeemed in multiple forms later in the stores Of US, Canada, and Mexico.

Steps to Join the Starbucks Reward Program

It is very easy to join the reward program.

  • If you already have a Starbucks card or E-GIFT card then simply login to Starbucks Reward page. Follow the prompts and register your account.
  • Or download the Starbucks app from the App Store or play store and digitally register yourself for the Starbucks reward program.

Starbucks Reward Levels

Currently, there is two level of the Starbuck reward program. The level depends upon the number of stars you can accumulate in a year. When you simply apply for the Starbucks card, you get into the reward program (green level). If you are able to earn more than 300 stars in one year, then you are promoted to gold member.

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Once you reach the specific level you can take the benefits of it. However, you need to maintain the stars in order to remain at the same level.

To maintain the green level, the customer must earn at least 1 star during the given 12 months time. Failing will reset the reward balance to zero. Whereas to maintain the gold level, the customer must accumulate at least 300 stars during each consecutive 12 months, starting from the day you entered gold membership.  Failing which you will be downgraded to green level again.

Starbucks Green Level Rewards

1. Birthday Reward

Get one free complimentary beverage or food item on your birthday. The birthday Reward is added to your Starbucks reward account automatically. However, there are some Conditions like you must be 7 days or an old member. In addition, you should have made at least one-star Transaction using your account.

2. Free refill

Refill your hot or cold brewed coffee and tea. You must purchase the coffee using your Starbucks card and present the same card to get a free refill.

3. Special Service

Get early or extended access to some Starbucks offers. This means Starbucks Reward members can avail discount offers for an extra time period compared to normal users. Additional, you will get special offers via mail.

Starbucks Gold Level Rewards

Apart, from the Green level offers you will get following rewards,

  • Personalized gold Starbucks card
  • You also get one free beverage or food item for every 125 stars you earn above 300 level.
  • Every 125 starts after becoming a gold member are equivalent to a free coffee or food item. To avail the reward you must present the Starbucks reward card to the Barista at the participating Starbucks stores.
  • Double-star Day: gold members get are offered a gold day once every month. Starbucks notifies the users about the Double-Star day via email. On these days you get 2x stars in each purchase. However, Starbucks reserves the right to exclude certain offers and merchandise from this reward program.
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Hence, Starbucks rewards program is amazing and you should join it today itself to avail free services and coffees at participating stores.

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