Pokemon Sword And Shield: News, Trailer, Release Date & How To Download

Pokemon Sword And Shield: News, Trailer, And Release Date

                    Pokemon Sword And Shield: The new Pokemon game title was announced earlier in this year. However, it has been months since we have heard any update on this game from either the developers are the publishers. If we go back and track the history of release of Pokemon games, there are a lot of predictions that can be made easily. There a lot of confusion about the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield. People are looking for the release date of the new game. We have mentioned all the rumors and news that we know so far about this new game.

The new Pokemon Game is officially coming for Nintendo. Moreover, it is going to be an exclusive Nintendo game and Nintendo says that it is coming before the end of this year. People are very excited about the new Pokemon Sword and shield game. The information is still awaited and we expect all these to come soon. We expect more information about Pokemon Sword and shield in Mid June. The E3 gaming convention which is going to be held is one of the largest in the world. It is going to start on 13th June 2019 in Los Angeles.

The official trailer of the new Pokemon game shows that it is going to be amazing. It is not the first Pokemon game which is going to be released officially for Nintendo switch. The game is going to be based in a new Pokemon world called clear. The map is based on the new Nintendo artwork and the trailer shows just a part of the new. It is going to be a fairly larger map. It is apparent that the map is based in the UK. The Northern part of the map shows the countryside with clock tower and different structures. It gives us the hand that the home prices in the Northern part will be really high.

We expect the second trailer of the new Pokemon game to come out soon. The new trailer will detect even more information about the map compared to trailer 1. Moreover, it is expected that we will see the new characters in the trailer as well.

Pokemon Sword And Shield Release Date

The official release date of the new game will be out soon and it is not going to be beyond 2019. Nintendo has confirmed that the game is going to be released in this every year and people are excited. We expect the game to be released in mid-November 2019. This can be assumed on the basis of the previous launches that we have been seen from Nintendo and Pokemon in recent years. Moreover, the E3 gaming convention is going to be completely focused on Pokemon Sword and shield. Last year, Nintendo was focused on the other launches and this time Pokemon is going to be the LimeLight of the event.

How to Download Pokemon Sword & Shield?

Once the latest Pokemon game is launched exclusively for Nintendo switch, you can easily download it using the simple steps given below.

  • Turn on your Nintendo switch and press “A” and continue to the home screen.
  • From the home screen, select the Nintendo shop
  • Enter the account password and the shop will open.
  • Now simply enter the name of the game and click on download.
  • you will have to complete the payment before downloading the file on the switch.
  • Once the payment has been completed, the game file will be automatically downloaded and installed on your Nintendo switch.
  • You all set to play the latest game.
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