Plex Plugins: Best Plugins For Power Users In 2020!

               Plex Plugins: Today, with the help of this post we are going to provide you the top best Plugins for Power Users in 2020. So, if you are one of those who are searching for the same, then this is what we are going to talk about today. Without wasting any time, let’s get started….


Plex app doesn’t give you a straight forward way in order to watch Netflix on its app. But at the same time, this Plex2Netflix does make you way more well-organized by giving you an add-on in order to help you to see your existing library as well as the availability of popular streaming services as well.

In addition to that, it is really useful if you are running some sort of space as well as further want to delete some of its content. If you want You can also find it most useful as soon as you are wondering about spending time downloading a new slow.

Social Snap

This is the latest, as well as the best, social media sharing plugin with so many latest features. It is probably the ideal choice as it let you select from many social media sharing buttons as well as offers several placement options.

Ultimate Membership Pro

It is a premium plugin that is available for purchase on the Envato Marketplace. With more than 18 000 downloads and a user rating of 4.5, the Ultimate Membership Proclaims itself as the most comprehensive membership plugin available in the market. This plugin comes with a total of 40 integrated addons which you can purchase them separately and it would also cost you around $450.

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Tautulli was formerly known as PlexPy and you can find the most efficient add-ons for the people who generally share their Plex library with other peoples. This is in fact one of the best plex Apps that can make Plex, even more, better than expected.

This plugin, on the other hand, gives you clear statistics about your Plex server as well as these stats comprises about the program that you have been watching, people on the other hand who watched them and even what are the places that programs were being watched.


It is a profile as well as a membership plugin that is created particularly for sites that use Buddypress. It has more than 3 000 downloads and a 4.9 user rating. While its functionalities include only Buddypress sites, as per the rave reviews on the plugin’s CodeCanyon page it’s the best option that is accessible in this narrow niche.


There are some people who like to try to make a Plex server replicate for the movie-going experiences which are also as close as possible. At the same time, a big part of that is watching pre-movie trailers for even those movies that have not yet hit the theatres.

The Theater Trailers add-ons, on the other hand, can simply be pulled in trailers that can be seen presently airing in cinemas as well as broadcast them before your video gets starts. When this film gets finally accessible to the public, an application has an automatic deleting feature and therefore it deletes its trailer.

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These Web Tools are possibly the most used Plex add-on. The tool comprises of a popular unsupported application store comprising a host of Unofficial Plex Channels together with user-generated content. Logging tools, Subtitle management Module, scanning tools, playlist management module and so on are the tools that are missing unmatched media.

In addition to that depending upon the operating system you are running as well as installing, your add-ones can be complicated.


This was our list of Top Best Plugins for Power Users in 2020, we hope that this information was informative and helpful for you

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