Google Pixel 3A Launched; Here Is Everything You Need To Know!

Google Pixel 3A Launched; Here Is Everything You Need To Know!

                     Google Pixel 3A: Google has launched the pixel 3A smartphone which is as affordable as any other Android smartphone available in the lower segment. It is the first time when we are witnessing Google launching a smartphone of such a low range. The smartphone is massive when compared to the price range. In simple words, Google pixel 3A has everything that pixel 3 has got and that too at half the price. So what are the new features on the Google pixel 3A and what else are expected from this upcoming budget smartphone from Google? We have discussed everything that has been released as of now.

The new device shows the vision of Google to enter the Mass mobile manufacturing business. Google has compromised at the places which doesn’t matter much to most. For instance, the best smartphone will come with a plastic back. However, the plastic that will be used for manufacturing the device will be of premium quality and most users use a case, so it doesn’t matter much. Similarly, not adding a wireless charging option has allowed cutting the price. Most smartphone users are not used to wireless charging so it doesn’t matter much for them.

Google Pixel 3A Launched

After Nexus 5, Google Pixel 3a is the only device which is being launched at such a competitive price. Google seems to have worked hard for this device and has kept a lot of things in mind before making it. The headphone jack port is also back in this device. Besides, Google is also providing its patented artificial intelligence camera technology in pixel 3A. Having Launched 3a for just $400, Google seems to have disappointed the customers of Google Pixel. We are saying this because Google pixel 3A is just similar to pixel 3 at half the price.

Besides using the high-end technologies and the device, Google has also added an OLED display. The OLED display is not something very great at $400, but it’s rare. Some peoples can argue that the specification of Google pixel 3A is low. However, the smooth and efficient operating system will not let you feel that the smartphone has a low processor.

Why is it an amazing choice?

Most Smartphone manufacturers cannot provide good specifications at an affordable price. Companies like Samsung and Apple think that affordable smartphones will destroy the market and give them a less premium valuation. Hence, Google has become the right choice and has filled the gap of providing a high-end device at an affordable rate. Pixel 3a has become the best smartphone under $500. Obviously, there are some other great options as well under the brand names of sony and Nokia. But they are inferior to Google pixel 3A in every way. OnePlus is one of the biggest competitors of this device but it cannot complete if we compare the software which Google can make. Therefore, Google pixel 3A is a great choice.

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