Pixel 3 Night Sight vs Mate 20 Pro Night Mode: Battle In The Dark

Pixel 3 Night Sight vs Mate 20 Pro Night Mode: Battle In The Dark

    The smartphone cameras are the latest area of development in technology. Most Smartphone manufacturers are selling their phones on the basis of camera specifications only. In this generation, photogenic people obsessed with selfies and pictures, have been demanding to improve camera quality. The camera has become an essential part of our daily life. It is used everywhere, be it sad or happy moments. Another area, which is in constant demand by the users, is the low light photography mode. Clicking pictures in dark is difficult. Hence, powerful camera specification is required. This is why we have compared Pixel 3 vs Mate 20 Pro night mode.

Both Google pixel 3 and Huawei mate 20 Pro are the flagship models with a powerful camera specification. However, customers have been constantly demanding of a review comparing the night mode shots taken by pixel 3 and mate 20 Pro. To fulfill the demand of consumers and clear the confusion, we have compared Pixel 3 Night Sight vs Mate 20 Pro Night modes. Below is the detailed review on the low light camera modes on both the devices.

Pixel 3 Night Sight vs Mate 20 Pro Night Mode

Both pixel 3 and mate 20 Profuse is artificial intelligence technology to capture pictures at night. Smartphones have the same camera specifications, however, the implementation of stabilizers and algorithm matters more in real time.

Huawei mate 20 Pro uses the artificial intelligence Technology called the night mode. This night mode is available only on some Huawei smartphones. The artificial intelligence stabilizing system does some important work behind the lenses. Once you click on the capture button, the camera freezes for 4 to 6 seconds. During this period, the artificial intelligence stabilizer stitches together different pictures to give the best result.

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On the other hand, Google pixel 3 uses the night sight technology in all its pixel series smartphones, to capture low light images. It also uses the artificial intelligence to find out any circumstances of handshake or tripod stand. Based on this, the camera captures a few pictures and then stitches them together to give the best output. This may take a few seconds.

The real difference outside the paper

While capturing some photos in low light intensity, we found that Google pixel 3-night site was able to output more detailed and sharper compared to the night mode on mate 20 Pro. The image of Mate 20 Pro seemed to be a bit Dull. In almost 75% of the images we talk on both these devices, pixel 3 managed to win by some margin. We tried and to capture images in all circumstances including low light density, daylight, and selfies. Pixel 3 managed to capture some sharp pictures which satisfied all the people we consulted. Moreover, mate 20 Pro also performed well. However, it was struggling significantly to maintain the brightness of images. Additionally, DHS was not as sharp as those of pixel 3-night sight.

Pixel 3 Night Sight vs Mate 20 Pro Night Mode: Conclusion

The new artificial intelligence stabilizer Technology like the night site and night mode adds extra credibility to the cameras of the latest flagship smartphones. These will further enhance the experience of users and capturing images in low light intensity, which is in high demand nowadays. We also expect such Technologies to be rolled out soon for the budget smartphone models. There are a number of Smartphones lined up for launch in 2019. We hope to see such artificial intelligence technology and cameras by other companies too.

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In our comparison of Pixel 3 Night Sight vs Mate 20 Pro, Pixel 3 is the undisputed winner in capture low light pictures. However, the artificial intelligence technology for stabilizing is amazing on both the smartphones. You can close your eyes and buy Google Pixel 3 for capturing some amazing shots in all lighting conditions.

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