GB Whatsapp Vs Whatsapp Plus: Detailed Comparison Of These Two WhatsApp Mods

GB Whatsapp Vs Whatsapp Plus: The use of WhatsApp mods is growing popular day by day. GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp plus are the mods that are extremely popular. Both mods are an amazing alternative to WhatsApp. So which one should you use? For clearing g your confusions we are going to compare: GB WhatsApp vs WhatsApp Plus.

WhatsApp is the most used social messenger in the world, With a Footfall of around 1.2 billion per day. However, most people are shifting from the convention WhatsApp to its mods like GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp plus. This is mainly because of the new features being given by the mods. Features like extended memory booster, amazing themes, and customizable icons have led to the popularity of GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp plus.

Features of WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp plus is one of the most used mods of original WhatsApp. As it runs over the original WhatsApp app, it doesn’t require much space and is also 100% secure. You do not need to download any additional file or root your device for using WhatsApp plus. This is a very big plus point.

WhatsApp Plus comes with a theme store that offers more than 700 types of themes. Besides, you get a wide range of emojis. It even includes the latest emoji layouts like that of Google Hangout. Apart from these emojis of most other social media messengers are included in WhatsApp plus.

Hide your online status. Chat with your loved ones anonymously without letting anyone know. Many people don’t like to show their online status while being online. Original WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to hide the status while you are really online. WhatsApp plus offers you this amazing offer.

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You can edit the icons shape, size, and colour. Besides, you can also change the notification type and settings. Which gives WhatsApp plus an upper hand.

GB WhatsApp Features

Just like WhatsApp plus you can download additional themes on GB WhatsApp and customize the look of WhatsApp. The app is user-friendly and easy to use. Although being a really complex software it is very easy to use at the front end. GB WhatsApp is safe and secure but has a bit fewer features than WhatsApp plus.

One feature which makes GB WhatsApp better than WhatsApp plus is the two-factor enabled lock. Nowadays only the lock screen isn’t sufficient for protecting your files. Hence you get an in-app option to lock the WhatsApp.

You can send up to 350 pictures at a time and up to 100 documents, unlike normal WhatsApp. Also, send high-resolution pictures with the highest network speed of GB WhatsApp.

GB WhatsApp vs Whatsapp plus: Detailed Comparison?

Both GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp plus has almost the same features. However, you get a bit more features in WhatsApp plus like a custom theme store, unlike GB WhatsApp which has only a limited number of themes.

In GB WhatsApp you get additional features like an in-app locker and more file sending capacity. Both the mods are built upon the original WhatsApp. Hence both are equally secure. However in WhatsApp plus you get a wider range of emojis than GB WhatsApp.  One downside of GB WhatsApp is that it does not allow you to change the icon looks. However WhatsApp plus allows change of icon packs and also provides a wide range of emojis. The network speed of GB WhatsApp is better than WhatsApp plus, which allows you to share documents and media at a faster rate.

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GB WhatsApp is more like normal WhatsApp with only a few more features. WhatsApp plus on the other hand lets you customize the whole look from icon to the interior. Hence, is better for people who are looking to change the entire look of their WhatsApp. In our comparison of GB WhatsApp vs WhatsApp plus, we found that if you like more customisations then WhatsApp plus is for you. Otherwise, if you like a normal WhatsApp with few added features then go for GB WhatsApp.

Bottom Lines

GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus are the two most popular WhatsApp Mods. If we compare these two WhatsApp Mods, we will Find almost no Difference Between them. Still, There are some Features and Settings that one App has and others don’t. at the Interface level, Both GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus have the Identical Privacy Settings that lets users Display or Not whether they are connected or not. hide when a Message is Being Written and much more things. One of the Biggest and Almost Only Differences Between  GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus is when Using WhatsApp Accounts on the Same Device. If You Install the Official App and WhatsApp Plus, You can’t Create Two Accounts.

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