OnePlus 6T vs Honour 8x vs Xiaomi Mi A2 vs Poco F1: Detailed Comparison

OnePlus 6T vs Honour 8x vs Xiaomi Mi A2 vs Poco F1: Detailed Comparison

    Oneplus 6T, honor 8X, xiaomi MI A2, and Poco F1 are the latest smartphones in the market right now. All the smartphones have confused the buyers. This is because all the smartphone is closely related and have set the market on fire. The closed specifications and brand names have made it difficult for buyers to choose between them. Are you confused between these for smartphones? To remove your confusion we have compared OnePlus 6T vs Honor 8x vs Xiaomi Mi A2 vs Poco F1.

OnePlus 6T vs Honor 8x vs Xiaomi Mi A2 vs Poco F1

All the four smartphones are mid-budget devices, however, OnePlus 6T is a flagship model of OnePlus. All the devices have near about same specifications and are manufactured on the same line. Hence, we are up with a detailed comparison of OnePlus 6T vs Honor 8x vs Xiaomi Mi A2 vs Poco F1

1. Display

The honor 8X has the largest screen of 6.5 inches in this segment. OnePlus 6T ranks second with a 6.41 inches screen.  Poco has 6.13 inches, while, Mi A2 has 5.99 inches screen. If we talk about the screen resolution, Honor 8x, Poco F1, and OnePlus 6t has 1080 × 2340 pixels. Whereas the Xiaomi Mi A2 has 1080 × 2160 pixels. The display is more or less on all the four devices. However, OnePlus 6t has a crisper display, being a flagship device. OnePlus 6T & Poco F1 has a specific Gorilla glass screen, whereas, the remaining two devices haven’t specified it.


All four devices are powered by octa-core processors. Oneplus 6t has 8 GB of RAM, Poco F1 has 6 GB of Ram. Whereas, xiaomi MI A2 and honor 8X has 4 GB of RAM. Hence, OnePlus take a lead in this section and has the best performance while gaming and multitasking compared to the other three devices. However, all four devices are capable of heavy multitasking and gaming.

OnePlus 6T also leads the battle with a massive 128 GB storage space. The remaining three devices have 64GB internal storage. You can use an external memory card on all four devices.

Operating System & Battery

OnePlus 6T is powered by Android 9.1 pie, whereas, the remaining 3 devices are powered by Android 8.1 Oreo. Hence, OnePlus 6t takes lead once again in this segment. However, the MI A2 smartphone is powered by Android one which promises Android update for 2 years. Hence, it will soon be getting the latest Android 9 update.

In terms of battery, poco F1 takes the lead with a huge 4000 MAH battery. Honor 8x and OnePlus 6T has a 3700 MAH Battery. Whereas, Mi A2 has the smallest 3000 MAH battery. OnePlus 6T & Poco F1 supports quick charging Technology. On the other hand, Quick Charge feature is lacking in Mi A2 and Honor 8x.


OnePlus 6T has 16 + 20-megapixel camera on the rear side and a 16-megapixel front camera. It has a dual flash with auto stability at the rear end and manages to capture above average pictures even in low light conditions. Honour 8x has 16 MP + 2 MP camera at the rear and 20 MP at front. It comes with a single LED flash with auto phase technology.

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Poco F1 has 12 + 5 MP camera at the rear and 20 MP front-facing the camera. It has a single rear led flash. On the other hand, Xiaomi Mi A2 has 12 + 20 MP dual rear camera with a 20 MP front-facing the camera. Additionally, it has dual led and auto phase detector.

OnePlus 6T vs Honor 8x vs Xiaomi Mi A2 vs Poco F1: Conclusion

All the four devices have amazing specifications and their price range. OnePlus feels a bit better in terms of performance and camera. However, OnePlus 6T is a flagship model and is available at a premium price range. Whereas, the remaining three devices have a similar mid-budget range price tag. Hence, you can choose any of these four devices, based on your needs

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