Nikon Z7 vs Canon EOS R: Which Is The Best Full Frame Mirrorless Camera

Nikon Z7 vs Canon EOS R: Which Is The Best Full Frame Mirrorless Camera

                   Nikon Z7 vs Canon EOS R: Canon and Nikon are the leading global brands. They are known for their specialty in manufacturing cameras and DSLRs. 9 out of 10 cameras or DSLRs sold in the country belongs to either of these companies. Mirrorless cameras have become very famous in recent days. Both Canon and Nikon have a good range of mirrorless cameras. Moreover, Nikon Z7 and Canon EOS R are the most famous mirrorless cameras available currently. Most people are confused between these two mirrorless cameras. Hence, we are going to compare Nikon Z7 vs Canon EOS R to find out which one is a better choice in this segment.

Nikon Z7 vs Canon EOS R


Both Nikon Z7 and Canon EOS R uses full frame camera sensors but there is a significant difference in the resolution of images captured by both the cameras. Nikon Z7 is capable of capturing pictures with resolution up to 45.7. Hence, it is a kind of direct competitor to several DSLRs sold by the same company. On the other hand, canon EOS R can capture with only 30.3 resolution. The high-resolution images can be captured using Z7. It makes Z7 highly favorable for capturing pictures in low light conditions.


Speed is a very important factor when we consider photography in some situations like wildlife. The speed of both the cameras can be easily found out based on the fine print. Canon EOS R is just one frame behind Z7. The frame apps increase significantly when we talk about autofocus. Z7 is capable of capturing 9 frames per second, while, EOS R can capture just 5 frames per second. This makes EOS R lag behind the race significantly. Even after adjusting the pixels, Z7 easily managers to hold the first position in terms of speed.

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Auto Focus

There was a time when mirrorless cameras didn’t stand anywhere near DSLRs’ in terms of autofocus. Autofocus is a very important feature that is required by all the photographers even if it belongs to the first generation cameras. Canon EOS R lives to the expectation because of the dual pixel autofocus Technology. It can focus on most objects quickly brightness is not the problem. Similarly, Nikon Z7 can also capture and autofocus quickly on anything placed in front of it. However, it is somewhat slower compared to Canon. Hence, Canon managers to take the lead in terms of autofocus.


Both the cameras can capture 4K videos with 30 frames per second. Nikon Z7 gives you 2 options for capturing 4K videos. You can neither capture the 4K video in full or in 1.5X crop. Whereas, Canon EOS R can capture 4K videos in only 1.7x crop. Hence, it becomes difficult to capture videos in wide angles. Moreover, the overall brightness of the video also falls because of the low light entering the lens. Moreover, it also suffers from rolling shutter distortion. Hence, Nikon Z7 place better choice n terms of video recording.

Nikon Z7 vs Canon EOS R: Conclusion

Overall, both Nikon and Canon are equally amazing companies which are known for developing master cameras from years. You might also be aware of the fact that Nikon has celebrated 100 years of existence in 2017. Being pretty much experienced, both companies offer good cameras. However, in our comparison of Nikon Z7 vs Canon EOS R, we found out that Z7 has a significantly upper hand compared to the canon camera. This is mainly because of the fact that canon fails to offer a good FPS. On the other hand, Nikon Z7 does not disappoint the users significantly any parameter of comparison. Hence, you can opt for this device without a second thought.

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