NHL Winter Classic 2019: The Boston Bruins Defeats The Chicago Blackhawks

     The NHL game between the Boston Bruins and the Chicago Blackhawks was played on 1st January 2019. The match was in the outdoor showcase at Notre Dame Stadium. The Boston Bruins defeated the Chicago Blackhawks with a score of 4-2.

Sometimes the originality of NHL Winter Classic does not remain the same as after some matches in a halfway the game becomes uninteresting, slow and unexciting. This is often and it is negotiable as it is tough to match ice conditions of an indoor floor after even when there is glare. But, this game remained entertaining and exciting the whole time. Not much issue with the arena, ice quality was good and the weather was also favorable. The score of the game was also equal on the score board. None of the team took the lead until the final minute when Bruins froze the game with an empty-netter. There were no certain unexceptional highlights but the game was even, entertaining and enjoyable.

Jim Cornelison sung the national anthem of the Blackhawks. There was a massive crowd of 76,126 which is being considered the second largest in the history of Winter Classic History. The whole crowd went crazy during Cornelison’s performance that a wave of energy could be felt by the surroundings.  It became a memorable and momentous beginning for the event.

We all have observed from past such tournament that the teams participating in NHL Winter Classic wear special uniforms. This year also, there was a very good jersey match-up between two Original six teams. Both the team wore a uniform with the looks from the 1930s. The Boston Bruins wore a modified relic from that decade. The Chicago Blackhawks wore a black and white look from 1934. Well, both the jerseys were outstanding. Both the jerseys were already unveiled before the NHL Winter Classic. But when it came to the arena, it looked amazing on both teams. Good uniforms always give a good show and visual appeal to the spectators. The uniforms did not disappoint the viewers and gave them an excellent display for this year.

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No team has ever played more games in NHL Winter Classic than the Chicago Blackhawks has played. Including the Tuesday’s game, it was their fourth. As they lost to the Bruins (4-2), this event also made them winless. The Chicago Blackhawks have lost at Wrigley Field, Nationals Park, TCF Bank Stadium, Busch Stadium, and Notre Dame Stadium. They only won a game during a Stadium Series game in 2014 against the Penguins at Soldier Field. On the other hand, the Boston Bruins are on 2-1 in the NHL Winter Classic.

While everything was going great in the event and the atmosphere was also in favor of the match, various attendees reported that there was a shortage of food and beverage with the vendors in a stadium. It was not at the end of the game but as the game started, on the halfway, his shortage issue occurred. That was a pretty striking failure for the host of the event. Food and beverage help the spectators to fight the temperatures during the outdoor game. But, shortage of food and beverage so early was unexpected and also ticked off the spectators.

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