Must Watch Hollywood Movies 2019 And Their Box Office Prediction!

    This Year various movies are going to be released and some of them are very big. Here, we are going to write down the highest grossing Hollywood movies names, lists, and prediction. Yes! We are going to predict the future of various upcoming releases of the year. You all can check the upcoming Hollywood movies which are ready to release this year could really make a big impact. We are also expecting that these big Hollywood movies are going to beat down the box office records.

Big Hollywood Releases of 2019-

Spider-Man: Far From Home- This Year, we are going to see big movies from Marvels and DC. Yes! Also, you all are going to see the big Disney releases too. Overall, the previous movie of Spider-Man series which is a “Homecoming” has made more than $880 Million.  We are expecting that the Spider-Man: Far From Home can make more than $1Billion at the box office and we have high expectations from it.

Captain Marvel- This movie is going to solve the mission puzzle of Avenger. If you are marvel fan then you all might have to wait for this film. “Captain Marvel” seems the least likely simply movie because it is more than an introduction of a new superhero. Marvel’s introduction movies don’t do good business except “Black Panther” which was the exception. We have high expectations from this movie and we are so sure that you all are going to love this film.

Jumanji 3- We don’t really have the big expectations from the Jumanji but we think that the film is going to make you all amazed. Overall, Jumanji 3 is a good picture film and the last flick has made more than $962 Million. Now, we are expecting that this version or upcoming flick is going to make more than $1 Billion at the box office. You all can check this film out and we are so sure that you all are going to love it.

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Highest Earning movies 2019-

The Secret Life of Pets 2- We think that the “The Secret Life of Pets 2” is a good movie to watch out this weekend. The first “Secret Life” was one of the top 10 films of 2016 with $875 million and now we have higher expectations from the next series. We think that the second installment of this film is going to make you all amazed. Also, the movie could make more than $1 Billion at the box office and it could beat “Toy Story 4” record at the box office.

Star Wars: Episode IX- If we talk about big movies then we can say that Star Wars: Episode IX is going to make big bucks for the makers. As you all might know that the previous release “Solo” has done amazing business for the makers. The popularity of both the old and new characters should push “Episode IX” back to $1 billion.

If you think that we are missing any movie so far then we can say that it is “Avenger: The Endgame” which is the most awaited film of the year and would make more than $1 Billion for sure. Frozen 2, The Lion King, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood could make big bucks for the makers too.

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