Chris Brown Sues French Model For Rape Accuses Under Defamation; Check Full Story Here!

      You all should know that the controversies aren’t leaving the side of the famous singer Chris Brown. As he was accused of the rape charges and after some time he was released in Paris. Now, the reports are coming that the singer has taken the legal step against the accuser and has filed the defamation complaint against her. You all should know that we are going to cover the whole story here.

As per the reports, Chris Brown sued a French model accusing him of rape for defamation Thursday. After the complaint, the singer was taken in, by the police but because of the lack of evidence, he was set free. Some reports are coming that the 24-year-old woman, identified by her initials K.M. of making false accusations against the singer. We can’t really say what is really going on as the accused said that the accusations aren’t correct.

Also, the document which is obtained by The Post cites a French statute said that anyone who makes the false accusation can be punished. Yes! Reports are coming that the false accusation can lead anyone to prison for five years and could have to pay 45,000 Euro fine. Some reports are coming that the French attorney Raphael Chiche filed the suit on behalf of the R&B star.

Chris Brown Sues French Model For Rape Accuses-

Yes! Chris Brown sued the accuser. Also, he isn’t alone even his bodyguard and his friend were charged for the rape at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Paris on Jan. 16. Also, the reports are coming that the cops arrested them after the complaint and then they release them after the 24 hours later without charges. The accusations are still being investigated and anything is possible now.

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Even, you all should remember that the Brown denied “sexual relations of any sort” with the woman. Also, in his post on Instagram, he claimed that she is a lying “bitch”. Even though, he deleted the post.  So far, the women claimed that she was invited to the party and after that, they forced her for taking the drugs. Some reports are coming that the women said that she was alone with Chris Brown in a room and on there he forced her. Also, he rapped her continuously 4-5 times.

Remember that the cocaine was found from his room but it isn’t his. We think that Chris Brown isn’t really going to be free from his problem. As we all know that the “Rape” is really a very bad accusation and it can ruin anybody’s life. We think that the situation isn’t really under the hood now, probably not for the Brown.

Some of you might know that the R&B Singer Brown writes on Instagram, “ I wanna make it perfectly clear ….. This is false and a whole lot of CAP!,” he wrote in the all-caps message. “… For my daughter and my family, this is so disrespectful and is against my character and morals!!!!” We think that this whole thing is bad for him and his family.

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