Mother’s Day 2019: History, Observance, Activities And Best Way To Celebrate Mom’s Day

Mother’s Day 2019: History, Observance, Activities And Best Way To Celebrate Mom's Day

                  Mother’s Day 2019 History, Activities And Best Way To Celebrate: One of the most beautiful day “Mother’s Day” is around the corner as this year it is going to be celebrated on this Sunday, May 12. The day is celebrated on various days in several parts of the world, most usually in the months of March or May.

Mothers Day History & observance

The observance of Mother’s Day initiated in the year 1907 with the efforts of a dedicated daughter, Anna M. Jarvis of Philadelphia, who perceived the idea of a yearly countrywide celebration. The public and the press rapidly incorporated the idea, and villages, towns, cities, and states shortly started to begin unofficial Mother’s Day observances.

On May 8, 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signs up an announcement describing the second Sunday in May Mother’s Day, and within a few years, the idea extended internationally prominence.

Well, it is a perfect day to pay tribute or honor the mother of the family, motherhood and maternal bonds, as well as the influence of mothers in the society. No one can match or compare the love of a mother and that’s why this day is so special.

If the day is so special then the celebration must need to be more amazing, so celebrate the day with these beautiful amazing mothers Day ideas that your mom would definitely like. So, let’s get started….

When Is Mothers Day 2019?

YearMother’s Day
2019Sunday, May 12
2020Sunday, May 10
2021Sunday, May 9

Mother’s Day Activities 2019 & Best Way To Celebrate

Bring Mom breakfast in bed

What could be more amazing to start the day by bringing breakfast to your mom in bed? Try to get up early before your mom gets up and prepare her favorite breakfast and surprise her early in the morning. You can also add a sweet note to your mom such as:

For all you’ve done, we should make every day Mother’s Day!

No one’s had a bigger influence on my life than you. Happy Mother’s Day!

I’m so proud to be your child. Happy Mother’s Day!

To the person who has done more for me than anyone in this world! Love you, Mom!

A mother’s work is never done – but today, you deserve a rest. In fact, take the rest of the week off! Happy Mother’s Day!

Throw a Surprise Party with family and friends

Well, who don’t like parties especially the surprise one which is specially planned for you. Here, the same goes to our special moms, just plan a surprise party with your family and friends and if you want you can also involve your friend’s mothers in order to surprise their mothers too. It will be great fun as well as the best get-together.

Cook Special meal for Mom

Let’s give your mom a break from cooking on this special day and take the full responsibility of it, at least for a day. Grab the cookery book and make the delicious meal for your mom and your family and let’s celebrate the day by bringing a smile on your mom’s face. The best thing you can do is to make the favorite dishes of your mom.

Give your Mother a Locket with your photos

Give your mother a beautiful locket with your photos or family photo, your mother will be surely delighted to have a beautiful locket with photos of her children and she will treasure it forever.

Bake a cake

Mother’s Day 2019: History, Observance, Activities And Best Way To Celebrate Mom's Day

By tradition, the children in England every time baked a cake for their Mother’s Day which they called it Mothering Sunday. If you like this tradition then bake the cake with various verities and you can easily find the recipe from online or bakery book.

Make a Handmade Card

What can be more heart-touching than a card with a lot of emotions and the best part is that you have made it by yourself. Nothing can make your mother happy than this beautiful gift. Make a thanking card for your mom and write these beautiful lines to make her happier:

Mother’s Day 2019: History, Observance, Activities And Best Way To Celebrate Mom's Day

What To Write On Mothers Day Cards?

Happy Mother’s Day. Every night I thank my lucky stars that you’re my Mom.

Any woman can be a mother, but it takes someone special to be called “Mom.” Mom, you’re the best!

You mean the world to me. With love always.

I am so grateful and blessed to have a mom as wonderful as you

You make home the happiest place to be – Love Ya!

You gave me the gift of life so our gifts to you pale in comparison. Happy Mother’s Day.

With love from the luckiest (son/daughter) on the face of this earth. Happy Mother’s Day.

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