Microsoft Surface Pro 7: Here Are Latest Leaks And Rumours!

Microsoft Surface Pro 7: Here Are Latest Leaks And Rumours!

        Microsoft Surface Pro 6 was launched officially just 4 months ago and the rivers for Microsoft Surface Pro 7 has already started coming in. Many Rumors are being discussed across the social media platforms. The new Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is expected to hit the market in 2019 itself. It has been one of the best selling two in one laptop brand. It serves the purpose of both laptops and tablets.  Hence, if you are eagerly waiting for the two in one laptop, you can consider waiting for the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 7.

What to expect from the Microsoft Surface Pro 7

It is hard to guess anything about the upcoming device so early. However, some tech experts believe that there can be some improvement in battery life and performance. Hence, you must keep an eye and check the latest rumors from time to time. Below awesome expected specifications and improvements that are coming on the Microsoft Surface Pro 7.

Battery Life

We expect better battery life on the new Microsoft Surface Pro 7. The Microsoft Surface Pro 6 has a decent battery life, however, doesn’t last for a longer period. With the increasing demand for Technology, people require using laptops and tablets for even more duration. Extra usage will require extra battery life and hence we think that Microsoft will fulfill the expectation of most people.

More Power

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 will be powered by an 8 GB or 16 GB RAM which is similar to its predecessor. However, we strongly believe that we will see and upgradation in the processor that will be used on this device. Hence, the device will have an improved performance output. This means that you can play more games intensely hand multitask at the same time.

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Storage is a growing demand for most smartphone and laptop users. Hence, there is a possibility that the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 will see a bigger storage space. Hence, you will be able to download more games and take more pictures on this device.


The Microsoft Surface Pro 6 already has a magnificent design. Microsoft will improve the design further. The bezels around the screen will be reduced further. Moreover, the keyboard layout will be changed a bit and we will see a thinner keyboard.

Release Date

The exact date of launch is not known by anyone yet. Microsoft Surface Pro 6 was launched in October 2018. Hence, you expect the device to arrive in the latter half of 2019. Some people also claim that it may come in 2020. However, we still believe that we would see the device in 2019 itself. So you will have to wait for quite a while if you want to use and own the Microsoft Surface Pro 7.


The Microsoft Surface Pro is expected to be sold at $899. However, many people claim that the price may rise by $100. Hence, the price range can go somewhere near $1000.

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