Memorial Day 2019: Celebration, History And Everything You Need To Know!

Memorial Day 2019: Celebration, History And Everything You Need To Know!

               Memorial Day 2019 Celebration, History, All You Need To Know: Memorial Day 2019 is a celebration in the remembrance of all those who worked in the armed forces and died serving in the US . It is a government holiday. Initially, the name of the day was Decoration Day instead of Memorial Day in the year 1882. This name Decoration Day was under consideration just because of the military cemetery and graveyard is adorned for the celebration. After a few years time and subsequently, the name was changed to Memorial Day. On Monday, 28th the celebration is on Memorial Day as it always falls on the last Monday of May.

The Ex-president Bill Clinton approved an act by signing it. The name of the act was the National Moment of Remembrance Act on 28th December 2000. This act is all about introducing a moment of silence to pay the dignified honor to all the Nation’s heroes who died while fighting for the nation. This remembrance is observed at 3 pm.

Veteran’s Day 2019 is different from Memorial Day

Veteran’s Day 2019 is a day which takes place to show honor to veterans who died while serving. On the other hand, memorial day is to show respect to those people who worked in armed forces for the country.

History of the Memorial Day

Memorial Day 2019: Celebration, History And Everything You Need To Know!

In the beginning, the only objective was to give honor to those who fought in the Civil War. Then the government changed its policy and decided to celebrate this day in the honor each person who died serving for the United States. Previously the day used to fall on May 30 but then in the year 1968, Congress passed a Uniform Monday Holiday Act. After this, the day got its celebration on the last Monday of May. They made this change in 1971.

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Memorial Day 2019 Celebration

As it is a government holiday, many people will take off now from their regular jobs. There will be a three days weekend and also a Memorial Day Concert. At 3 pm the country falls at silent while the National Moment Of Remembrance takes place. Thousands of parades will also take place on the day in the country. The graves are decorated with US flags and every grave with a waving flag. Sticking to their old traditions people will put flowers on the graves of soldiers. On Memorial Day 2019, people are going to visit the graves of their relatives and pay their respects by putting flowers and lighting candles. AMVETs is going to hold a ceremony at Peaceful Acres Cemetery but this year there are some different plans for celebrating the day out.

If you do not have any plan on the day then, of course, you can sit back at home. This can make you relax while watching Mexico playing with Wales at Rose Bowl.

How people have been spending the day earlier?

People used to celebrate previous Memorial Days with quite great honor and a feeling of patriotism. The patriotism feeling is still alive in the people living in America. The feeling goes increasing every year and the celebration goes on by decorating the cemetery and graveyards. The different deals are enjoyed at the stores on the day.

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