Love Island: Release Date, Cast, Trailer And All You Need To Know!

                Love Island Release Date, Cast, Trailer: It is high time that we should now head our directions towards thinking of new series with the name “Love Island “. Here in this article, many things are present which one should know so far.

Is Love Island definitely happening?

This is quite obvious that the show is definitely happening and moreover ITV boss Angela Jain actually told the Daily Star that the show should move on continuously for next 5 years. She revealed that it is a kind of show that will evolve and let everyone leave and breathe. She added on saying that her hope is that the show will be on telly for the next five years. And obviously, nobody can predict til where the show will succeed.

When Does Love Island Start?

Love Island 2019: Release Date, Cast, Date, Trailer And All You Need To Know!

This is quite certain that this new series will release on Monday 3rd June. We have come to know of it from the tweet from ITV 2. This news belongs to the tweet and all credit goes to this tweet for revealing the actual dates.

Love Island Filming?

Caroline Flack made a revelation on 22nd April about the filming of the series Love Island 2019 that it will be disclosed this week. When we move towards the Instagram stories then we will notice that Caz said that Monday is the bank holiday and it is so beautiful that she is in the town. She happily added that the best about the week is that this week they will start filming for  Love Island 2019. Addition to this she added on saying that he has potentially seen the cast of this year. The cast has gone really exciting and also mad that has come around this quick. Thus she said she will surely let the audience know whatever happens. It will gonna be a long hot summer and all about it.

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She also shared her photo being in the pilot uniform from the last year promos. She made a caption that “Things will get turbulent.”

How long will the 2019 series of Love Island be on for?

The same series which was released in the year 2017 series which was around seven weeks long. The sequel of the series released in the year 2018 was around eight weeks long. So retrospectively we can hope this 2019 series to be around 9 weeks long. Well, hopes don’t take anything we can surely expect it to be like that.

The trailer of Love Island

This is quite sad to reveal that there is no trailer to release for the series but still there are last year’s seasons to whet the whistle of the audience.

Love Island Contestants

There is no official news on the 2019 Islanders. The second we hear any whisperings on who will cast or where is the villa in Love Island then we will surely bring it to the audience.

We cannot speak anything so sure about this year’s villa, sadly. But if last year’s luxury pad was this way amazing then, of course, this year’s will be a lovely backdrop for some heavy petting.

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