Looking For Online Payment Apps? Here Are The Best Ones

  Sending money online to anyone is one of the greatest achievement of Technology. There are a number of e-wallet applications available in the market which allows you to transfer money to your friends and other merchants smartly and safely. With the increasing trend of plastic money more and more e-wallet apps are coming into the market to capture the audience. Anyone can use these e-wallet apps be it young or old people. The industry is so big and promising that all the Global Tech leaders are into this.

Paypal is the largest payment application known. However, there are many other search applications like Google pay, Apple pay, Venmo, and Square Cash. Making payments online has many benefits and helps to keep a track of each and every transaction. You can transfer any sum of money be it to your friends or colleagues. Additionally, you can link these e-wallet apps to other applications like uber and automatically pay for your next ride. No need to carry cash with you. Let’s check out which is the best payment app.

Best E-wallet Applications To Make Payments Online

1. PayPal

PayPal is the oldest known online payment application. It was started long ago from making payments online for shopping purposes. However, with time it allowed transferring money to your friends. The application is simple to use and allows you to connect your credit card and bank account so that you can make payments directly without any delay. The PayPal.me was launched to make payments to friends and family.

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The only downside of PayPal is that it has one of the most expensive services among all the other payment applications mentioned below. You can transfer a hefty sum of money using PayPal but the fees charged on this amount is also very big. However, it is the most famous application if you want to make international payments.

2. Google Pay

The e-wallet app from the tech giant, Google. Now transfer money to your friends and family without paying much tax and by the security of Google. The best part which we like about Google pay is that you don’t have to pay any transaction fees on Bank transfers and debit card transactions. Moreover, if you have a Google home you can directly command it over voice to send money to a specific friend. This makes Google pay one of the best payments application in the US. So keep on transacting online and forget carrying cash around with you.

3. Venmo

Venmo is one of the most popular payment application in the US. It has grown a lot popular because of its amazing service and easy to use interface. It is more like a social media than a payment application. While transferring money to your friend you get the option to make transaction public, which means that your other friends can see that you have sent a specific sum of money to your friend. However, it is shown only to those friends who are added to your list. Hence, transfer money to your friends almost free of cost. You just need to pay the transaction fees on credit card payments.

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4. Apple Pay Cash

This is the Global payment application by Apple. The application comes inbuilt with the iOS 11 update. However, it can be used by only iPhone users and that too iOS 11 and above. This means that it cannot be used by Android users. Apple free charges 3% transaction fees on credit card payments. Sending and receiving money is convenient and easy. You can transfer the received amount to your bank within 1 to 3 working days. However, Apple pay does not have many users because of other alternatives mentioned above.

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