Lightroom CC vs Lightroom Classic: What Are The Basic Differences?

Lightroom CC vs Lightroom Classic: What Are The Basic Differences?

                Lightroom CC vs Lightroom Classic: Adobe Lightroom is no longer a single application. It has been divided into two significant parts. Photographers cannot choose between the cloud-based lightroom cc or go for the original version which is known as lightroom classic cc. However, not many people know the difference between both the versions. Hence, we have compared Lightroom CC vs Lightroom Classic to find out the difference between them. The most basic difference is that Lightroom CC stores all the data in the cloud so that you can access it on any computer and lightroom classic stores it manually on the desktop.

Lightroom CC vs Lightroom Classic

Importing Photos

Importing pictures has not changed much after the latest update on Lightroom Classic. The import window has different sections include in Add album, metadata, change destinations and even apply presents while importing. On the other hand, Lightroom CC mix the import photo section really easy by simplifying the section. It has also made all the things come under one section only. However, it misses out on time-saving options including add presentation to all the images. Hence, Lightroom Classic is still a better option if we compare them on this front.

Organising Photos

Lightroom classic adds all the pictures to albums and they also give the option to navigate these albums directly from the desktop. smart collections is a great option because it allows you to store all the images based on a particular parameter. For instance, a particular smart album will contain all the pictures captured by a particular lens or at a particular date. Moreover, users can also flag the images in order to access them easily. The latest update has added various filter and sorting tools which allows the users to access the photos even faster.

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Lightroom CC also has the album nomenclature which is quite similar to the collections. Folders can be used to organise the images in a classified Manner. Moreover, the pictures are automatically stored date wise and can be viewed in that format too. Hence, they are less am and it is a tie in this parameter.

User interface

Lightroom classic has the same interface which it had earlier. It seems that the program has only undergone a change in name because broadly there is no such reference in the user interface. Hence, a user who earlier works done this program will not have to relearn the process to handle the application. The program is divided into various categories and sections. Each section has its own significance.

On the other hand, lightroom cc has a complete makeover. It is a newly designed program and the users might not be familiar while using that for the first time. Hence, the users will have to spend a few time and learning the significance of each option in the program in order to use it effectively.

Photo editing

This is one of the most important parameters of comparing both the programs. Classic offers a wide range of tools in order to edit the pictures. There a lot of options including standard and professional, which will help you in editing the pictures to make them look really good. While Lightroom CC of world’s a narrow range of tools for editing the picture.

Lightroom CC vs Lightroom Classic: Conclusion

In our comparison of Lightroom CC vs Lightroom Classic, we found out that lightroom classical remains the best program for picture editing. This is in accordance with the features and editing tools available on the program. Overall, users will understand the basic difference between both the programs and why were they separated by Adobe.

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