Here Is The Complete Guide To Root Android Smartphones

                  Guide To Root Android Smartphones: Rooting is one thing which makes Android superior to any other operating system. It is the most unique selling point of Android devices even though if it is official. Rooting an Android device makes you the real owner of the device. It gives you all the power to do anything and everything with the looks and features of the phone. You might probably be aware of the incredible features of rooting Android devices. So are you looking for the guide to root Android smartphones? We have explained the entire process of rooting Android Smartphones below.

It is quite simple to root Android smartphones. However, people cook up a story that it is very difficult to do so. Rooting is a simple process but requires a lot of concentration while following any procedure. There are multiple methods and applications which can be used to root Android smartphones. We have used the PC process in order to root it easily. You can also follow the process to root Android Smartphones without PC. However, the PC procedure is quite simple and does not require much time. The complete guide of the same has been given below in details.

Features of Rooting Android Devices

  • get access to different third-party applications are not available on stock Android
  • Download paid games and apps for free
  • Change the complete theme of your smartphone by downloading different ROMs. You can return to the stock Android ROM if you do not like a particular ROM.
  • It will help you in removing restriction from different kinds of application and hence, hacking them.
  • Moreover, rooting your Android device will give you access to multiple third-party applications which will give you apps for free.
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Guide To Root Android Smartphones

The guide to root Android Smartphones should be followed accurately. Do not skip any step. Skipping any step will result in a problem in the last stage. It can result in deletion of of-several Android folders which are required to both the smartphone. It will put you in a complicated stage. Hence, it is recommended to follow the step-by-step guide to root the device.

  • We will be using Windroid toolkit for rooting Android Smartphones using pc. You will have to make sure that your smartphone model is compatible with this tool.
  • Now you will have to connect your Android smartphone to the PC using a USB cable.
  • Go to the settings on your device and select the about phone option.
  • After this, tap 7 times on the build number in order to enter the developer’s setting.
  • Once you enter the developer mode, click on the debugging option.
  • You will then get a popup on the PC in order to finalize the debugging process. Click on ok.
  • Now you have to go to the browser and download the latest version of Windroid toolkit.
  • Once Installed, at my download some additional files if it is missing on your PC.
  • After everything is downloaded, you can launch the tool and find out the list of supported devices which can be rooted using it.
  • Once you select your smartphone model, the Android root files will be automatically downloaded to your device.
  • Click on unlock the bootloader. This will give you the instructions to unlock your device.
  • this process can delete all the data on the device and hence, you must back up all the files of your Android smartphone.
  • Now click on the flash recovery header.
  • Click on yes and proceed.
  • You will get a popup on the PC.
  • Click on flash supersu
  • Once all the files are downloaded, you are smartphone will automatically get rebooted and it will be successfully rooted.
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