Legion Season 3 Review & Story: Final Season Takes An Exciting Approach To Time Travel

Legion Season 3 Review & Story: Final Season Takes An Exciting Approach To Time Travel

            Legion thrives after the short dots are connected in a big picture. This is quite common in Noah Hawley’s work. The FX drama built from  Marvel’s comic creation is so ambitious whether it is a standalone episode just to provide depth to the character’s backstory or a Jon Hammnarrated riff about how delusions take place in the mind of any person. It can be said that the segments can be more satisfying than the beffudling serialized they help to drive. This is the reason that the finals and the premieres of any season are made so magnificent.

Season 3 Plot and Story 

The Season 3 connects in a good way with the most arresting moments which are arriving in the first to the sixth episode which includes many enchanting breaks. In between many messy highlights, production moments are present. It was started when Fox was its own dominion but now it is ushered out the door after Disney acquisition. It is still better at outlining those character motivations and conveying perspectives.

David’s Role

David(Dan Stevens) will not be considered a good guy for the start of this final 8th episode. He is basically a Hippie cult leader who just makes sure that his children remain devout by brainwashing them with happiness. Yes, David is a man with the delusion that he always does the right thing and he forces others to see the things his way. He is telekinetic, telepathic and can manipulate anyone’s mind to thinking how he wants them to think. On the other hand, he is also seen lurking in the shadows at the start of the season. He is hiding out from The Forces Of Division when he mourns and rages against the loss of his beloved Syd(Rachel Keller).

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But for now, there is no about David’s status. No attempts are made in fact to make the audience sympathize with his plight and integration of time travel is also not used to make him erase his worst mistake which is when David raped Syd at the end of last season. Legion” doesn’t try to pretend that he didn’t do it.  Instead, Hawley and his team of writers choose to devote more time to Syd’s perspective. The two other integral women: Kerry (Amber Midthunder) and Switch (Lauren Tsai) are also included. These are the newcomer to the cast who can travel through time.

Introduction To Syd

Syd is introduced beautifully along with the machinations of time travel.

The Opening Scene of the Season

The opening is also quite appreciable. It starts with the Switch on a matrix like a quest down on another worldly rabbit hole. It follows a yellow bus which is actually red. Then crawls again through the transparent tunnels that cross through buildings tower over the streets which are unseen by anyone who is outside.

Legion got its opening with an exhilarating dance scene which is drifted away from joyous moments to the villainous and dark hole of David. Season 3 is quite dangerous as David’s personal pursuits want to end the world. The introduction of time travel is quite inventive even then Hawley manages to avoid the “Looper” paradox of explaining how impossible become so easily possible.

It is an exciting approach and the one that keeps the focus on David, Syd and also the rest of the people who populates “Legion”.

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