LastPass Password Manager Review: Best Freemium Password Managing Software

                LastPass Password Manager Review: Password management is a very important aspect in this digital world. There are a lot of password managing applications available for Android, PC, and other operating systems. LastPass Password manager has remained and the undisputed leader in the segment for the recent 5 years. There is no doubt in this fact because the company is quite confident in its product and they have been hiking the prices like anything. The premium of the application has gone up almost three times since the launch. So are you planning to buy the premium version of LastPass Password manager? Read our detailed review to find out the pros and cons of the software.

At $36, LastPass seems to be reasonable password managing software for most people. This is mainly because of the fact that it is efficient and users are ready to pay double for premium. Even if you are not willing to pay the premium amount, you can access the free version of LastPass. The free version also has a lot of features and syncs all the passwords efficiently across the devices. Here is everything you need to know about the password managing software.

LastPass Password Manager Review

Price and Things covered

The free version of this application has some amazing features version not found even in some paid applications. For instance, the software allows syncing data and password across all the devices and that too for free. This future maker it has one of the best free Password Managing softwares. The different services provided by LastPass is just enough. From unlimited password generation two data syncing, LastPass password manager can do it all. The early premium charges are $36 for a single user and $48 for 6 users. Hence, it is better to buy the bundle pack and protect your entire family.

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There are a few guidelines which have to be kept in mind while setting of LastPass password manager. Many users do not know how to set up the software in order to get the work out of it. If you use only one browser on your PC, simply install the LastPass extension on the browser for getting access to the passwords. But what if you occasionally switch using browsers on your PC? In that case, you must download the universal binary software from the official website and it will automatically download the extension for all the browser. However, you will have to install the LastPass extension exclusively on Microsoft edge as it is not supported by the binary software.

LastPass On Desktop

It is true that LastPass Password manager doesn’t have a standalone application for Windows PC. However, Mac users to get a standalone up but it is not worth. So the only way to access the settings and core part of the application is by using a browser extension. The web interface feature allows you to have the same feelings which you have on the app. You can enter the password of the website manually or use the LastPass master password to do so.

LastPass Mobile Apps

The LastPass Mobile app is available on both Android and IOS devices. It is mostly similar to the web interface found on the desktop. There are the same set of settings and modification options which you can undergo on the mobile app. However, you will miss out on one feature. It is the inability to change multiple passwords at a given time. Both Android and IOS users can take full advantage of the software and use the form and password automatic filling feature. Therefore, the mobile app and desktop interface are easy to use and will not confuse you.

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