Here Is How To Download Spotify For Mac You Need To Know!

Here Is How To Download Spotify For Mac You Need To Know!

            Listening to music is the best recreational activity which calms your mind and refreshes you at the same time. There are millions of applications available for your devices which can play videos and music. However, you should always use the best in quality software for playing music as well as videos. This will ensure that you get uninterrupted service and advertisements are not displayed quite often. So which is the best music player for Mac? Well, be it Android, iOS, or even Mac, Spotify is the best music streaming platform. Hence, you must Download the Spotify app for free on your Mac device to stream music.

You might be aware of the fact that Spotify is one of the best and most used music streaming application on each and every platform include in Windows, Android, and IOS. The unique features of this application and the unlimited collection of Music and songs available makes it likable and user-friendly. There are millions of songs and music available on Spotify. Hence, you must Download Spotify for Mac using the steps given below. We have listed down the steps to Download Spotify for Mac free of cost.

Spotify For Mac Features

User Interface

The user interface of the Spotify application for Mac is amazing and is easy to use. It can even be used by a new user without facing any trouble. The search bar located in the application will help in finding the song you want to play. Simply select the music you want to play and then enjoy.

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Create Playlists

Creating playlists is probably the best feature which Spotify has. You can create a number of playlists depending upon the type of songs and enjoy playing them later according to your mood. For instance, you are in the mood of listening to slow songs. Simply select the created playlist and enjoy uninterrupted songs. Hence, you can create your own playlist depending on your taste and needs.


Spotify has a unique feature of sharing in the playlist links with your friends and family. Hence, you can share the entire playlist with your friends at once. They can then import the playlist into their Spotify app. This is probably one reason which has made Spotify really popular among most people. Besides, you can create a playlist in collaboration with your friends and get to know that taste you both share.

Steps to download Spotify For Mac

It is very easy to download the Spotify for Mac application. The application is officially available for Mac devices and can be downloaded from the official website of Spotify. Just follow the procedure given below to get Spotify for Mac on your device.

  • Go to the official website of Spotify and register an account with them. You can skip this step if you already have a Spotify account.
  • Now you can download the Spotify for Mac application directly from the official website.
  • Now click on save the application and let the download finish.
  • Once the application is downloaded, double tap to open the setup file.
  • You will see a dialogue box appear with a Spotify logo.
  • Drag and place the icon in a suitable place.
  • Then grant all permissions to the Application.
  • No simply enter your Spotify user name and password and get started.
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Spotify vs Apple Music

Apple Music is a significant competitor of Spotify and since you are using a Mac, you will have to decide and use any one of these applications. We compared Spotify vs Apple Music and found that Spotify is a better option. We compared both the streaming platforms on many parameters. You can read the complete comparison here.

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