Kwanzaa Is 52nd African Culture Festival 2018; Check The Value!

Kwanzaa 2018

   You all should know that the 52nd Kwanzaa festival is here and this day has so many values for the people of Africa. A lot of people judge this festival as the even against Christmas or Christianity but it is more than that. Kwanzaa 2018 is here and you all can check the updates and information here. Reports are indicating that the people are quite in love with this festival and they love enjoying it.

Kwanzaa 2018 will see the magic of 52nd annual Kwanzaa, the African American holiday celebrated from December 26 to January 1. You all should know that the 18 million African Americans take part in Kwanzaa which makes it better and the best festival. Also, it isn’t a religious festival or event. If we dig deep in the history then we can say that it was created by Dr. Maulana “Ron” Karenga, a professor of Black Studies, in 1966.

Kwanzaa 2018-

Also, some of you might know that the Kwanzaa 2018 is much more about equality and peace. At this time of great social change for African Americans, Karenga sought to design a celebration that would honor the values of African cultures and inspire African Americans who were working for progress. We are so sure that you all are going to enjoy the Kwanzaa 2018. Kwanzaa is based on the year-end harvest festivals that have taken place throughout Africa for thousands of years.

Some reports are indicating that the people are quite in love with this festival. Also, if we talk about the name of this amazing festival then we can say that it comes from the Swahili phrase “matunda ya kwanza,” which means “first fruits of the harvest.” Overall, we think that the Kwanzaa 2018 is going to bring happiness.  Each of the seven days of Kwanzaa honours a different principle.

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Also, the Kwanzaa 2018 is much more about making things right historically. These principles are believed to have been key to building strong, productive families and communities in Africa.  Some of you might already know that during Kwanzaa people celebrate it with “Habari gani,” or “What’s the news?” The principles of Kwanzaa form the answers.

How to celebrate Kwanzaa 2018?

When a lot of folks ask about the celebration of Kwanzaa then it isn’t easy to ask. You all should understand that the Kwanzaa 2018 isn’t going to be any different and the people who celebrate it are going to celebrate in the same way. In this day families gather for the great feast of karamu on December 31. Karamu may be held at a home, community centre, or church. You all should know that the traditional African dishes are great to eat.

Also, at Karamu people celebrate Kwanzaa with red, black, and green. Yes! These three simple colour makes a big different and these three colours were important symbols in ancient Africa that gained new recognition through the efforts of Marcus Garvey’s Black Nationalist movement. Overall, it is a really great festival and it is much more than festival for the people. It is a good festival for the poeple.

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