Klipsch T5 True Wireless vs Apple Airpods: Battle Of Buds

Klipsch T5 True Wireless vs Apple Airpods: Battle Of Buds

               Klipsch T5 True wireless vs Apple Airpods: Apple was the first ever company to introduce wireless airpods. They even went further and completely removed the 3.5 mm jack found on the iPhones. However, there have been a number of companies which have introduced wireless earphones in the market after Apple. Klipsch T5 True wireless your phones have become very famous and are being compared with apple airpods because of its premium offerings. Hence, we have compared Klipsch T5 True wireless vs Apple Airpods to find out the best wireless earphone available in the market right now.

Klipsch T5 True wireless vs Apple Airpods

Design & Fits

There are significant differences between both the wireless earphones if we compare them or their charging case. Most people are familiar with the Apple airpods. It is white in colour and comes in a case with a flip top. The case is the charge job and the users have two choices. They can by the standard case for $160 or opt for the premium case which has a wireless charging feature for $200. The airpods are standard golf tree shaped with a slender extrusion that hangs out of the ear. It holds the battery and Apple H1 Chip.

The T5 True wireless comes in a metallic case which looks like a Zippo lighter. It has a flip top which can be opened to reveal the round shaped earphones inside. There is no wireless charging feature available in the case of this earphone. However, it does have five hours or more battery life compared to what can be stored in the airpods case. Your peace is meant to fit completely inside the years and it has a good grip which prevents it from falling. Overall, Klipsch T5 True wireless is a better choice considering the beautiful case and better earpiece design.

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Sound Quality

It is a common observation that earphones with silicone tips are much more preferable compared to those without it. The silicon tips provide a concealing in the year which is responsible for noise cancellation and therefore, gives a better sound quality. Klipsch has the silicone tape and it is lacking in the Apple airpods. The difference in sound quality is quite evident and clear. We are not saying that the sound quality on Apple airpods is bad or worst but it is not up to the mark when compared with T5 wireless. Hence, T5 has a better sound quality because of the additional infrastructure.

Features and Battery Life

T5 has a lot of features which outperforms Apple airpods. The 8 hours battery life, additional battery capacity of the charging case, IPX4 water resistant rating and many other features make it better. On the other hand, Apple airpods has a 5 hours battery output and no water resistance rating. The controls are quite different on both the earphones. You can activate the voice command on the airports by simply saying “Hey Siri”. Moreover, there are a lot of other sensors on the airpods which allows you to virtually control the device. T5 has manual controls and you will have to press the buttons in order to control.

Klipsch T5 True wireless vs Apple Airpods: Conclusion

In our comparison of Klipsch T5 True wireless vs Apple Airpods, we found out that t5 true wireless has an upper hand over the airpods. Given the fact that T5 managed to win in almost all the parameters, we chose it as the winner of this battle. There a lot of significant features available on this earphone. The only downside is that you cannot have voice control over it like the airpods. Hence, T5 is a better choice.

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