Isaac Kappy: ‘Thor’ & ‘Terminator Salvation’ Actor Dead At 42 After He ‘Forced Himself Off A Bridge’

               Isaac Kappy Dead At 42: Issac Kappy who played remarkable roles in movies like Terminator Salvation, Thor, and The Babysitter is now dead as per the news and investigation. He was found dead on Monday as forced himself to jump off the bridge. He was also hit by some moving vehicle. This is revealed by the Arizona Department of Public Safety spokesperson.

It is being known that on May 13 at 7:26 a.m the troopers were called to the Interstate 40 eastbound for some subject. He then forced himself to jump off the Transwestern road bridge onto Interstate 40. Afterward, he was struck again by the passing car. When the car person looked then he realized that the man was nobody else but Issac Kappy. He was a 42-year-old actor from Albuquerque, NM. Mr. Kappy who died on that scene.

The authorities have told that there were two witnesses who saw Issac off the bridge. They revealed that they restrained Issac but he forced his way out of their grasp. This incident, for now, is investigated under a case of suicide.

Just before his death, he posted on social media that states a caption: Beware of the man that has nothing to lose for he has nothing to protect as well.” This was also the only post on social media from Issac Kappy.

He also stated in his post about some realization and analysis that he has gone through since few last weeks. He also mentioned that this introspection was needed to be done priority. He wanted to make some stark revelations about his character. He said that he believed himself to be a good guy. But according to him, he is not truly a good person. He made a confession that he has been a bad guy throughout his life. He has sold drugs, he had tax delinquencies and have many debts. He has also tortured his body with alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes. He also revealed his abusive behavior towards all those people who actually loved him. He talked about his family.

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He also claimed that he has committed an act which is very petty. He denied mentioning the details what he actually did.

He made an apology to his friends whom he had wronged. Paris Jackson also accused of choking her at the party which both attended. He continued mentioning that he had abused many people. He was apologizing to his old friends whom he betrayed and deceived. He said that he out of his sheer arrogance have been a bad actor all along.  He admitted that he had been lacking in humility, gratitude, kindness, honor, service and also proper care for others. He said that he has never honored the God that lies within.

In his ending statement, he said that though this realization has come late for him this work as an inspiration for others. As a conclusion, he stated that he will spend the left time on this earth for the transgressions and will continue seeking the light that is within. This was the whole confession which he made on social media prior to his death.

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